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What is online education?

Online Education is basically the education in which the students do not require to attend the traditional classes. Through online learning the students can easily attain their degree or diplomas with the help of internet by sitting at their homes. Online Educations helps the students to study and manage their other priorities.

What kind of technology is used for imparting distance education?

In distance learning the students do not require to attend the regular traditional classes. Most of the schools impart online education with the help of the internet. Their online campus website can also be called virtual learning environment. The students study in virtual classrooms with the help of the streaming video, audio,podcasts and digital books.

Why should I opt for distance learning?

Studying through distance learning is the best for the working students or the students with busy lives. The working students can carry on their studies along with work through distance education and can seek advancement in their careers. The online education offers the flexibility to the students to study anytime according to their own convenience. It is difficult for the students with busy schedules to study , work and manage their personal lives all together but with distance learning they can maintain a balance between their personal and professional lives.

What are the benefits of online education?

For acquiring Online Education the students need to be more self-disciplinary and self motivated then the traditional classrooms. There are lot of benefits that Online Education has like the students can save their time and money both. Online Education in not confined to a particular location as the students can study from anywhere in the world from the universities offering online education. With the flexibility and convenience that distance learning offers the students can balance their work, family and studies.

Do the online degrees carry the same value as traditional degrees?

This actually depends on the online college or school that you have chosen. It is important that before choosing the college you should properly research about the school or college, check its accreditation, reputation and success stories.

How can I find the right school/college for myself?

Choosing a right school or college depends upon the kind of online program that you are looking for. There are lot of sources on Internet with the relevant information about the different online colleges and schools. You can easily research on the web about different or any particular college. You can always get in the contact with the admission representatives of the college or school and request for the important information.

How much would an online program cost?

Cost of the online programs vary according to the kind of program that you have chosen. The online degrees can cost you the same as campus based classes or they can be less in cost. The online schools offer different financial aid programs so before choosing any specific school you should go through their financial aid information.

In how much time an online course can be completed?

The time in which an online course can be completed depends upon the degree or program that you have chosen. Mostly the online degrees utilizes lesser time than traditional campus based degrees. But this depends upon the hard work and dedication of the students. If studied seriously then the online degree can be completed in a span of two years. Every educational program is different so it is advisable that you should consult the admission representative of the college and get the complete knowledge of the course that you have chosen.

What are the sources of communication in distance learning?
  In a traditional classroom the teacher teaches the students with the help of verbal communication, a white board or a chalk board. Lot of discussions take place between teacher and students. In online education the similar ways of teaching are used like the verbal communication between the students and instructors takes place through videoconferencing and teleconferencing. The students and teachers can carry on their discussion work with the help of chat rooms or message boards. The students are required to give presentations in online education.