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Masters of Adult Education program makes students learn about adults learning needs, their interests, motivation and their potential. Students also learn how to apply adult education concepts to education and training experiences. Masters of adult education program focuses on various important theories of adult education. This program supports strategies for enhancing learning for individuals with different backgrounds. This program aims to provide an understanding of the various ways in which adults learn and ways they may be helped to learn individually, in groups, etc.
Why Online Masters of Adult Education?
Online Masters of Adult Education program gives opportunities to the students to pursue educational objectives when attending school in a traditional classroom setting is not practical.
Online Adult Education is helpful for the students who are willing to study and cannot spare time from their schedules. This online education program provides students flexibility in scheduling.
This program can be pursued by any student from any field of education.
Benefits of Masters of Adult Education
Masters of Adult Education helps students to enthusiastically involve in learning and applying the skills learnt immediately to real world situations. This program develops insight into your own personal development as an adult. Everyone who wants to have career in this adult Education field gains various ways to educate their students and problem solving techniques using traditional and e-learning strategies. The Adult education program enhances the skills of students as an educator by exploring new strategies.
Aims of Masters of Adult Education
Aim of Masters of Adult Education program is to plan programs for the students using an interactive model which includes evaluating the context and the needs of the audience. The program aims to provide complete knowledge and skills to the student regarding adult education.
Job Profile
The job profile of a professional in Masters of Adult Education is to share his knowledge and experience with their audience with help of a portfolio showing examples of their work. Adult education workers have opportunity to take classes at any time.
Career Opportunities
The Adult education program provides various and rewarding career opportunities to the students. They can make their career in education and training, performance improvement, organizational development, non-profit organizations. This Masters of Adult Education program prepares students to work as an instructional specialist and master trainer in general skills or content based instruction for various groups of adult learners in business, etc. Students can also work as Organization development and training specialist in business, industry, government, and community agencies. Some of the designations that professionals of adult education can hold are Teachers, instructors, trainers, lecturers, facilitators, etc. Successful degree holders from this Adulteducation program can lead to “GeneralEquivalency Diplomas” which are comparable to high school diplomas.
 University Offering Masters of adult education

AIU Online

AIU, American Intercontinental University was founded in 1970, on the basis that universities should excel the bounds of traditional, theoretical approach to education by providing students with a syllabus that is designed to prepare them for successful and productive careers. Apply More Info

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