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Associate of Business Administration-visual communication
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Master of Accounting and Financial Management
Associate degree in Accounting Technology
Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management
Bachelors in Game and Simulation Programming
Bachelors of interior design
Bachelors in WebDesign and Multimedia
BS in IT Graphics and Multimedia
Bachelors of Arts in English
Bachelors of Arts in organizational management(foreign language)
Bachelors of Arts in organizational management
 Aspen university
Foundation of Aspen University was laid at the time when not many people realized that world was heading for a change. Growth of Aspen University began from the international academy formed in 1960s, to advance the information distribution system. In 1987, by providing complete online MBA, Aspen showed its eagerness of being a part of the coming information era.

Recognized by accrediting commission of distance education and training council (DETC), Aspen University is affiliated and regarded institution of values and principles. The accreditation by DETC means to be accredited by US department of education and council for higher education accreditation (CHEA).

Founders of Aspen and its faculty believe in providing a no-interference education for its students who are busy with their jobs and busy routines. Aspen knows that education should increase the career development chances and ease the life instead of making life more or less like an adjustment. Thus by providing its students with the accredited online degree courses Aspen aspires for a unique education system. Few of the courses offered are

•    Education
•    Business administration
•    IT
•    Project management
•    Information management
•    Criminal justice
•    Nursing

The approach of Aspen’s online education system aims at energetic, diverse and interactive class sessions for all the online students. At Aspen online activities do not lack any of the real teaching touch. By allowing flexible program, competitive challenges and cost efficient education Aspen acts as a leading successful effort.

The online program of Aspen University provides benefits of distance education such as: 24hour flexibility, 24hours and 7days a week internet access to the online assignment and sessions and no physical attendance.

Aspen university, previously known as ISIM University, has experienced and qualified members of staff working together in making a difference in the world of education. By providing healthy and interactive communication and knowledge among the online students our faculty enhances the cultural and international exposure. Online assignments, online results and assessments all these are the advantages experienced by aspen university’s students.

With variety of accredited online degree courses in Bachelors, Master and Associate degree, Aspen the aims to enhance the education of students, without disturbing their day to day schedule. With Aspen University’s firm and goal orientated online programs you can definitely end up with advancement in your career.
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Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management