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Associate Degree in Accounting Technology
Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management
Bachelors in Game and Simulation Programming
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Bachelor of Web Design and Multimedia
BS in IT Graphics and Multimedia
Bachelor of Arts in English
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management (foreign language)
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management

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 Online Universities

At, we are affiliated with a number of well known universities and colleges providing distance education with a difference as these online universities and colleges are one of the best institution in field of online education.
We provide information on the various well recognized universities which offer online degrees, diploma and certificate courses on wide variety of subjects.

The information displayed on our site also presents guidelines regarding these online universities and online colleges, courses and career advices.

Stetson University
Stetson University is a private co-educational university founded in 1883, by Henry Addison DeLand. Headquartered in Deland, Florida, this university has three satellite campuses. More
Stevens-Henager College
Established around 115 years ago, Stevens-Henager College is one of the oldest colleges in Utah graduating students and providing them with enormous career, in the areas like Computer Science, Management, Computer Networking More
Strayer University
Strayer University was founded by Dr.S.Irving Strayer. He set up a small college in Maryland called Strayer’s Business College of Baltimore City in year 1892. From the beginning, this college had built a good reputation for the academic brilliance and student service. More
With campuses all over the United States, TechSkills has evolved as a nationally renowned institute providing both on-campus and flexible online learning programs, to adult students in Information Technology, Healthcare services and Business. More
TESST College of Technology
TESST College of Technology was founded in 1957 as TESST Technology Institute, at Hyattsvile, Maryland. This institute now comes under the Kaplan Higher Education. More
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is an accredited education institute offering quality education to students since 1921. Today, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh has an exclusive online division for students residing in different part of the world. More
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology
The Chicago School of Professional Psychology was founded by a group of psychologists in the year 1979. The main aim behind it was to open a non-profit school where the students could get degrees in behavioral sciences. More
The George Washington University
One of the renowned national universities of U.S., The George Washington has been providing state-of-the-art web education to the students in the subjects like Education, Police Science, Business, Healthcare, Public Relations, Professional Studies and other fields. More
The University Alliance
The University Alliance offers unparalleled access to some of the foremost universities. With University Alliance’s online degree courses, students enjoy high-tech system, multimedia setting and flexible timings for studying. More
Thompson Institute
Thompson Institute was founded as Beckley College and has been providing comprehensive learning programs, since 1918. Currently, Thompson Institute is a part of Kaplan Higher Education Corporation. More

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