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University Offering Associate Degree in Graphic Design
Briarcliffe College
Briarcliffe College can give you the education you need to succeed. More
Mount Washington College
Mount Washington College was established in 1900, as Hesser Business College in Manchester by Joel H. Hesser. This college is now a part of Kaplan Higher Education Corporation. More
Penn Foster Schools
In the year 1890, distance learning method was developed by a newspaperman along with the help of coal miners and soon it took the shape of a school, which later became quite popular. More
Sanford-Brown College
Sanford-Brown College is a career-oriented college offering accredited and quality-high degree programs The Sanford-Brown College specializes in Business and Medical programs, which comprises of Accounting, Medical Assistant Training, Coding and Medical Billing. More
Associate Degree in Graphic Design

Graphic Designing is one of the fastest growing industries. With the increased demand for web design, video entertainment and multimedia projects, Graphic Design market has seen a boom which has lead to immense job opportunities for the graphic designers. An online Associate degree in Graphic Design provides students with the desired knowledge and experience. This online program offers the creative students with an opportunity to convert their talent into a fruitful career. 
Why an Online Associate Degree in Graphic Design?

An online Associate degree in Graphic Design covers the basic graphic design theory and techniques, required by students to build rewarding careers as Graphic Designers or Graphic artists. The coursework of an Associate degree in Graphic Design includes digital media, raster graphics, color theory, typography, illustration, web publishing and computer graphics. The wide art, color and design theories prepare students in fulfilling the requirements of the corporate industry. This online degree is taught by using the latest computer hardware and software tools which includes Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, etc.

The online Associate degree in Graphic Design is specially designed for the students with busy lives. The flexible and convenient online system allows students to balance their work, studies and family life. Online Associate degree in Graphic Design allows students to study at their own pace by sitting at their homes. Online program offers students with entry-level positions in the fast-paced graphic design and multimedia industry. 

Benefits of Online Associate Degree in Graphic Design

With an online Associate degree in Graphic Design, students are introduced with color and design theories which helps them to use the color combinations in creating logos, web pages, advertisements and interesting documents, in their future workplaces. With an Associate degree in Graphic Design students learn the important fundamentals of designing like electronic imaging, production using scanners, computer graphics, technical drawing, commercial art business operations and concepts sketching, through the advanced computer assisted programs. This online degree helps students to enhance their artistic skills, which can be applied to execute the commercial and technical concepts

Job Prospects

In the recent years the field of Graphic Design and Multimedia has seen a tremendous growth, which has created numerous job opportunities for the professionals. The students enrolled with Associate Degree in Graphic Design can build their careers as illustrators, multimedia artists, fine artists, graphic designers, animators.     

Career Opportunities
Having a technical knowledge is a must for building a career in Graphic Design or Multimedia industry. The students holding an Associate degree in Graphic Design can work with renowned Ad Agencies, Organizations or Corporations, Educational Institutions, Government Agencies and Entertainment Companies. With specialization and experience in this field students can earn up to six figures.

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