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University Offering Associate in Automotive Technology
Advanced Technology Institute
If you’re good with your hands and like putting things together, Advanced Technology Institute can train you for a rewarding career. More
Lincoln Technical Institute
Lincoln Technical Institute provides career-focused, hands-on training programs with industry experienced instructors. Get the skills for a rewarding in-demand career. More
Associate in Automotive Technology

Students interested in working with cars and other automobiles can turn their interest into their dream career, by attaining an Associate in Automotive Technology. The students who get enrolled with this course can have a lucrative career in the fields like repairing, upgrading and rebuilding cars. Students after completing this course can also start their own business in the same field. With an Associate in Automotive Technology students get prepared to work in the Automobile industry.

Why an online Associate in Automotive Technology?

An online Associate in Automotive Technology is designed to prepare students as Automotive Technicians, with knowledge of the latest technologies used in the industry. By getting enrolled in this online course students can study anytime of the day and from anywhere in the world. The virtual environment offered by the online classrooms provides students with excellent education, which helps them to achieve an exciting career.
Benefits of Associate in Automotive Technology

The students enrolled with Associate in Automotive Technology learn to use the advanced technology tools to repair the cars and trucks, in automotive repair station. Students also gain the knowledge for repairing and rebuilding the automotive technologies. Students when pass out with Associate in Automotive Technology acquire necessary skills like automotive electrical system skills, welding skills, auto engine repair skills, mechanical skills, technical writing skills, repair estimating skills, automotive brake repair skills, automotive heating and air-conditioning systems skills.

Apart from receiving technical skills, students of Associate in Automotive technology are also able to enhance their employee relations skills, customer service skills, report writing skills, critical thinking skills and problem- solving skills.         

Job Prospects

The students with Associate in Automobile Technology can foresee rewarding career, as the job opportunities for the automotive technicians is expected to grow over 38% in coming ten years. The graduates with Associate in Automotive Technology can make their careers in independent garages, automobile manufacturing, automobile dealerships, etc.

Career Opportunities

An Associate in Automotive Technology offers a bright and successful future to the students. With the expanding technology in the field of automobile industry the demand for trained professionals has also increased.  With Associate in Automotive Technology, students can enhance their careers and increase the chances of their promotions.

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