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University Offering Associate in Diesel-Heavy Vehicle Technology
Advanced Technology Institute
If you’re good with your hands and like putting things together, Advanced Technology Institute can train you for a rewarding career. More
Associate in Diesel-Heavy Vehicle Technology

Careers related to heavy vehicle technology have witnessed high growth in the past years. Associate in Diesel/Heavy Technology provides students with skills required in analyzing and repairing the diesel or heavy automobiles.

Why an online Associate in Diesel/Heavy Vehicle Technology?

An online Associate in Diesel/Heavy Technology is designed for the working students. The online Associate in Diesel/Heavy Vehicle Technology makes the path of promotion and success easier for for students already working in this industry. This self-paced online course provides the students with the flexibility to study according to their convenience.

The areas of study covered under Associate in Diesel/ Heavy Technology includes Electrical Components, General Maintenance, Manual and Computer Diagnostics, Safety Inspections, Truck Refrigeration Systems, Engines, Brakes and Chassis, Hydraulics, Tool Use and Maintenance, Suspension Systems, Fuel Systems, Transmission and Power Trains, etc.    

Benefits of Associate in Diesel/Heavy Vehicle Technology

With Associate in Diesel/ Heavy Vehicle Technology the students acquire formal training in providing proper repair and maintenance services to the heavy vehicles, as per their requirements. The students in this course learn to recognize and resolve problems with the equipments through the problem-solving techniques. Associate in Diesel/ Heavy Vehicle Technology provides students with the skills like work on suspension systems, inspecting vehicle safety, mastery of tools, electrical system maintenance, and diesel engine tune up and fixing malfunctioning brakes, which helps them to work safely in the industry.     

Job Prospects

Associate in Diesel/ Heavy Vehicle Technology provides the students with a career which is highly in demand and offers highest salaries. The students graduated with this course have wide career options like mechanics, heavy vehicle technician, diesel service manager, technical service representative, contractor, etc.

Career Opportunities

In today`s time the professionals well trained in repairing and maintenance of heavy vehicles are required by the construction companies, road crew, forestry organization, diesel trucking companies. This provides the students with Associate in Diesel/ Heavy Vehicle Technology with a successful and profitable career.

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