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University Offering Associate of Arts in Advertising
Associate of Arts in Advertising
Advertising field engrosses various forms, oral or written to advertise products or services. Advertising is done with Internet, Radio, TV, Print Media, and more. Pursuing an advertising degree can be a great option for students with creative skills. By pursuing an advertising degree, students can better their creativity and get an opportunity to utilize their thoughts to earn money.
An Associate of Arts in Advertising degree is a ticket to an entry-level career in this field because the curriculum in this degree provides a competitive advantage for advertising jobs that need a high school diploma. In this degree, students will study about skills required to make advertisements and handle marketing drives. Additionally, students will also learn different art and design theories and the basics of advertising. This degree will take 2 years for completion. Students with an Associate degree in Advertising can opt for 2 career tracks after completing this degree. Graduates can either go for an entry-level career in this field or continue their education with Bachelor`s degree in Advertising.
Admission Requirements
For admission in Associate of Arts in Advertising degree, students require a school diploma or GED equivalent. For a number of colleges or universities, students may also be required to complete courses of study in geometry, communications, and art during high school. Extra requirements for admissions may change by colleges and universities.
Benefits of Associate of Arts in Advertising
  • An Associate of Arts in Advertising degree will educate students the basics they will require to commence in this field. Students will study about the fundamentals of drawing, illustration, computer graphics, and typesetting. Depending upon curriculum, students may also study few subjects that very much allied to these skills sets.
  • Graduates may continue their education with a Bachelor`s Degree in Advertising to build up their artistic skills and advertising proficiencies. These programs also comprise broader arts classes assisting students to elaborate their understanding of social values and sharpen their communication skills.
Job Prospects and Career Opportunities
Pursuing an Associate of Arts in Advertising can introduce a range of career opportunities for students. Graduates can get beginners jobs as advertising or graphics illustrators. Graduates can also work as freelancers. Some popular career options are - 
  • Printing Agencies
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Advertising Companies
  • Production Artist
  • Print Publications
  • Layout Artist
  • Web Designers
  • Art Directors
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