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University Offering Associate of Arts in Psychology
Liberty University
Liberty University is world’s biggest evangelical university with over 27,000 of its students studying online. The students are provided with high quality education in a unique Christian atmosphere. More
Associate of Arts in Psychology
Psychology is a varied, constantly developing field that offers the opportunity to create a positive effect in the community. An Associate of Arts in Psychology degree is the 1st step a student will let in researching this specialized field. This degree prepares students with a solid base for advance educational chances. In this degree, students may learn behavior analysis and research elements that strike how individuals react to stress and surprising conditions. This degree takes 2 years to complete.

Associate of Arts in Psychology degree often centers on how the events of people are molded by their own thoughts and by people`s relations with others. The degree courses commence students to the signs of psychopathy and diseases that distress the mind. The degree centers on basic topics in psychology. Courses include - 
  • Biological Psychology
  • Methods of Research
  • Psychology in Education
  • Emotional and Social Disorders
  • Adult Development
  • Family and Marriage Counseling
  • Personality Theories
Admission Requirements

For admission in Associate of Arts in Psychology degree, students generally require a high school diploma or equivalent. Some college or universities also require an average GPA of 2.0.

Benefits of Associate of Arts in Psychology

There are many benefits of Associate of Arts in Psychology degree. Few of them are - 
  • With this degree, students can key out different major conceptions of applied psychology as well as historical tendencies, theoretical views, and empirical findings.
  • Students can interpret fundamental psychological processes as well as fields wherein psychology is a natural and social science. 
  • Students can acknowledge the importance of empirical facts and ethical behaviors.
Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

Graduates of this degree can begin their career as mental healthcare professionals who work with psychologists, therapists, psychiatrists, or social workers to treat emotionally or mentally imbalanced patients. They try to find behavioral changes in patients and write up them to the patients` main physician, social worker or nurse. Some possible career options with this degree are - 
  • Paraprofessional Counselor
  • Social Services Clerk
  • Patient Admission Record Keeper
  • Drug Counseling Assistant
  • Elderly Home Recreation Aide
  • Psychiatric Aide
  • Mental Health Assistant
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