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University Offering Bachelor Degree in Paralegal
Broadview University
From its establishment, Broadview University is providing valuable online education and practical training to students for in-demand careers. Broadview University offers students online diplomas, master`s, bachelor`s, and associate degree programs in several fields. More
Bachelor Degree in Paralegal
A Bachelor Degree in Paralegal Studies program explores legal ethics, criminal law and office administration. Within the program, students gain hands-on experience using emerging technologies within legal environments. Students learn to analyze and organize information, draft letters and prepare estate plans.

Benefits of Bachelor Degree in Paralegal

A Bachelors Degree in Paralegal is an ideal course of study for those looking for a serious career as a paralegal or may even be considering a long-term goal of becoming a lawyer. The degree prepares you for advanced paralegal positions and gives you the training necessary to succeed in the field.

Job Prospects

A majority of paralegals are employed by law firms, corporate legal officer, and various government agencies. Common positions include:
  • Paralegal
  • Claims Adjuster
  • Legal Secretary
Career Opportunities

Bachelor`s holders have the research skills and legal knowledge to assist lawyers with research, administrative tasks and trails. They may find work in private law firm, legal departments or government. Additionally, paralegals may find opportunities working in freelance.
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