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University Offering Bachelor of Education - B.Ed
Mount Washington College
Mount Washington College was established in 1900, as Hesser Business College in Manchester by Joel H. Hesser. This college is now a part of Kaplan Higher Education Corporation. More
Northcentral University
As a regionally accredited university, Northcentral University offers a variety of online bachelor`s, master`s, and doctorate degree programs. Northcentral University committed to help students to achieve their academic goals. More
Bachelor of Education - B.Ed

Education is a rising sector and with rewarding and individual challenges you can pursue a career which requires you to educate and deal with students of different mind sets. If you love to interact and communicate and have a good patience level, education is the field you should think about.

The basic aim of a bachelors degree in education program is to give you the basics of teaching and profound knowledge of at least one area in education. You are made to understand concept of child’s development, professional development, etc.

Why an online program in Bachelor of Education?

You can take online classes to adjust your job, family and education together. An online program offers you easy and flexible mode of learning. You can utilize online education to develop skills to raise the chances of salary increment, promotion, qualification development and for earning teaching certificates and degrees.

Benefits of Bachelor of Education

Education is a pleasing profession and requires an absolute understanding of it. You may be well communicative and adjusting but you still require a professional knowledge of the education. In professional course on education you learn to use various tools of teaching and art of making a difference in the lifestyle of students. You also learn the purpose of schooling and teaching, ability to analyze a child’s behavior, to create an emotional balance between you and a student,  modern teaching with internet rich environment, methods to conduct a communication between parents, students and self.

Bachelors program in education also emphasizes on blending humanity and maturity factors, building leadership quality and skills of innovating ideas and teaching concepts, modern technique application and culture diversity. Alongside, a bachelors degree or a certificate also adds professionalism to your portfolio.

Job Prospects

With a formal course in the field of education, you can be employed as teacher, instructor, principle, military trainer, administrator, counselor, syllabus designer, textbook, content writer, librarian, education researcher, assistant dean and so on. With the large demand of educators and teachers, a professional program helps to boost up the chances of getting a well-paid job in field of education.

Career Opportunities

In today’s world, education as a profession upholds great opportunities. With the growing power of knowledge and number of teaching institutes, you can expect enormous career options. You can work in a college, university, kindergarten, elementary of junior or high school, publishing sector, human resource sector, corporate training, education research department, education training faculty, library, counseling department, administration and state board department and more. Teaching or education is field of vast career growth.

A bachelors degree in education provides you with professional requirements for a primary or elementary school and kindergarten teaching. Skills like creating and applying ideas, dealing with students and their problems with relaxed mind and patience, interactive attitude and ability to give attention to minor details are also gained in a degree program of education.

For program disclosure information with regard to University of Phoenix, click here.

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