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 University Offering Bachelor of Music
Champlain College
Champlain College has been providing educational opportunities to the students since 1878. Their online program is truly based on creating opportunities for students who can not attend regular classes, yet wish to earn a degree in a particular filed. More
 Bachelor of Music

You may be a good guitar player or a good vocal singer but a professional guidance acts as the right step towards a career in the field of music. Music industry is global and international and loaded with great competition and job opportunities and thus you need to develop complete understanding of music to prepare yourself for a career in music. 

A bachelors degree in music is the beginning of vast field of music. A bachelors program in music aims at teaching the basic skills of music. From individual performance to group act, you also learn the requirement of music environment. You can study the general theories and syllabus of music in a bachelors degree. 

Why an online Bachelors Degree in Music?

If you are already working and wish to learn more about music or if you are looking for a promotion in the field of music, a professional online program in music can act as an advantage. With an online bachelors degree in music, you can learn everything about music, from basics to technical level, with flexible time schedule and online study material.

An online music degree is beneficial for you, if you are seeking a promotion or career development opportunities. A professional teaching is always a good option even if music is just a hobby. 

Benefits of a Bachelors Degree in Music

A professional knowledge of music can help you with the enhancement of your skills in the field of music. A bachelors degree in music helps you in learning the music values, history and expressions. You will also develop methods to research and experiment with the creativity of music. It takes a professional teaching to learn techniques to perform and relate to cultural diversity in the field of music. You also get to understand music from historical, theoretical and technical aspects.

Job Profile

With a talent of music, there are number of job opportunities for you. You can be employed as music therapist, music librarian, music director or producer, sound recorder, professional singer or performer, composer, music journalist, music consultant, song writer, music teacher, orchestra player, DJ’S, VJ’S  and more.

Career Opportunities

In the field of music lie numerous career opportunities. You can work in

  • Teaching
  • Orchestra group
  • Recording studio
  • Church
  • Multimedia
  • Journalism
  • Advertising
  • Radio/Television or film making industry

Bachelors Degree in Music

If you wish to study and develop skills in the field of music, bachelors degree acts as the right step. From principles to ethics, you get the understanding of everything you need to know as a musician or a performer. A bachelors degree in music does not just make you music graduate but also leaves you with a whole world of music to be explored.

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