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University Offering Bachelor of Science in Database Technologies
DeVry University
DeVry University got established in the year 1931 and at that time it was a film and radio repair teaching organization. Today, it is one of the biggest universities in America. More
Liberty University
Liberty University is world’s biggest evangelical university with over 27,000 of its students studying online. The students are provided with high quality education in a unique Christian atmosphere. More
Bachelor of Science in Database Technologies

A Bachelor’s degree in Database Technologies is program that concentrates on database administration, operating systems, security, database and more. Students interested in technical aspects of IT industry, computers networking and database system. This degree provides relevant database platform to prepare its students for a rewarding career.

Why an online degree in Database Technologies?
Online degree in database technologies is the best way to learn about networking database, ecommerce and more, without attending classes, facing assignment deadlines and daily commuting.
Even when you are a part time worker in an IT firm or in any other company, you can still get a degree without letting go of your existing job and source of income. Online education lets you understand all the basics and theoretical concepts of database administration via online classes and discussion boards. You can log in your online account anytime of the day, complete your assignment and submit them without any deadline pressure as well as complete your course in a scheduled set up by you.
Online colleges also offer supports like round the clock assistance and financial aid for eligible students. An online degree in database administration teaches you all the basics and concepts through easy form of education at your own schedule and pace.
Benefits of Bachelor of Science in Database Technologies
This program will teach you skills required to work in a database administration where you need more than ability to make programs, computer database, work with operating systems and more.
You will also learn about Database Administration, java programming, computer architecture and web server administration. This course will also introduce you to advanced visual basic, database programming, web server administration and operation system concepts.
Bachelor in Database Technologies will make you expert in software development, basic internet communication, designing and development of standard database management systems and more.
As a database administrator or developer, you will be helping companies by managing and taking care of their data using various tools, reports and forms. You will also be responsible for collecting and distributing data, as well as in analyzing and presentation of the data for helping decision makers. Many decisions and departments will rely on your administration of data and skills of database technologies.
Job prospects
Bachelor of Database Technologies offers you opportunity to work as a Database Administrator, Network Administrator, Computer Support Specialist, Data Communication Analysts and More.
Career opportunities
With a speedy rise in computerbased companies and industries, there are huge career opportunities to look forward to. A Degree in Database Technologies means an opportunity for a rewarding career in IT companies, networking firms, sectors dealing with data communication system, and more
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