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University Offering Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design
Collins College
Collins College can provide you with the education you need to start a new career in Visual Communications, Multimedia Production, Animation, Digital Video and more. More
Westwood College
Westwood College places a strong emphasis on hands-on experience in career-focused course to make sure that students are prepared for a successful and rewarding career. More
The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division
Develop your creative potential through The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - Online Division where we give you the freedom to decide when and where to attend class. More
Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design

Are you are interested in taking one step ahead in designing different levels of a complex video games? If your reply is yes, then bachelor of science in game art and design is the course you should go for. This degree focuses on the creative side of games and offers you a rewarding career.

This is the first step that you will take towards becoming a designer and an artist in the gaming industry, which is flourishing day by day. With this degree program, you will be learning that how art can make video and computer games more impressive.
Why an online Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design?
You will be strengthening your proficiency of art and design. This degree program will be concentrating on both creative and imaginative side of the video games, which is unlike computer programming. With this course, you will be increasing your artistic proficiencies and computer related skills.
This degree will give you in-depth information about the latest technology and help you learn about effective communication, while you are working in a team for making a character animation. You will be gaining the information that is required for testing various games.
Benefits of Bachelor of Science in Game Art and Design
With the game art and design program, you will be increasing your skills related to designing and art. You will also receive thorough knowledge of the game play. You will gain knowledge about making background of the games, designing different backgrounds, and creating characters.
You will be learning about how to make a selection for the best suited characters and will be enhancing your communication proficiency and storyboarding. You will receive an in-depth knowledge about deciding the right color combination and managing various projects for game art and designing. This course will not only help you in enhancing your art and design skills, but will also assist you in making important decisions regarding the video game designing business.
Job Prospects
With the bachelors degree of game art and design, you will gain the training and proficiency required for applying various positions in the industry of gaming. You can be employed as a 3D object builder, 2D conceptual artist, background artist, interactivity designer, and 3D character builder.

Career Opportunities

In the past few years, the field of video games has witnessed a significant development and it has currently grown into one of the biggest industries. According to the bureau of labor statistics, the field of video gaming offers job opportunities at a faster pace and is far better with its prospects than any other economy.
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