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University Offering Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design
Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design
Industrial Design is a grouping of art field and engineering and has an objective to make and target output. An online Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design degree teaches students the every facet of development for organizations. In this degree, students will study about how to handle all such that from the preliminary phases of market research and product formulation to product representation. Students will study about engineering and techniques that allow them to check the functioning and features of products.

In online Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design, students are capable to fine-tune accessible products for safety, technique, performance and other standards. With design-based knowledge, students will get training in many other fields like psychology, anthropology, communications, and sociology. The degree`s course of study has formal classroom education, self-regulating design projects, and practical training in design studios and computer labs.

Admission Requirements

Students who want to get admission in online Bachelor degree in Industrial Design should hold a high school diploma or GED. Students are required to submit their artistic portfolio. Some colleges/universities may also require students to submit official transcripts.

Benefits of Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design

There are a number of benefits to earn online Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design. A few of them are - 
  • In this degree, students learn how to use visualization, analytical, and technical skills to formulate the work, look, and form of numerous industrial products.
  • Graduates will be trained to perform various professional tasks.
Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

Graduates with Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design degree may get numerous career opportunities. Graduates may get career opportunities in a variety of professional settings such as software, entertainment, auto manufacturing, and consumer products industries. Some popular career options for graduates include - 
  • Automotive Designer
  • Product Designer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Designer for Medical Applications
  • Industrial Designer
  • Innovator
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