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University Offering BS in Communication - Technical Writing
Walden University
Earn a respected bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or Ph.D. online at Walden University. More
BS in Communication - Technical Writing

Bachelor of Science in Communication - Technical Writing program helps students to become creator and conveyer of ideas, concepts and information. This program help students in developing writing and communication skills and the program also develops deeper understanding of social issues and new media. The program prepare students for immediate employment and long term professional growth within the broad field of communications.

Why online BS in Communication - Technical Writing?

Online BS in Communication - Technical writing provide students to schedule their education. Online technical writing program help students as they do not have any job interruptions, travel expenses or hours spent in traveling. They can gain advanced knowledge in the field of technical writing. Students do not require going out of their houses for attending classes.

Benefits of BS in Communication - Technical Writing

Benefits of BS in Communication - Technical writing is that it provide students with the skills to research, visualize, design, develop, and manage publication of both print and electronic documents. Students learn about the structured writing techniques which are most important for specialization in technical writing. The program also provides a background in writing, communications, art and design, computer science, printing and production.

Job Profile

Job profile of a technical writer is to write any type of technical document required by the client. Their task is to put scientific and technical information in a language which is easily understandable, to prepare operating and maintenance manuals, catalogs, sales promotion materials and project proposals and to plan and edit technical reports and oversee preparation of illustrations, diagrams, etc.

Some of their common activities are to meet the clients and discuss about projects, finalizing timelines and to discuss about the information to be included in the writing. They have to research and verify data that is to be included in the manual, brochure, e-books, etc. and have to finish the writing the project in the time given to them by the client. They have to prepare the account statement and collect the fee for their work.

Career Opportunities

The technical writing field is a field that applies to a variety of industries varying from computer industries to non-profit organizations. The students graduating in this field have many opportunities in the field of science and technical writing and editing. The students can also work as:

  • Technical Communicators
  • Technical Writers
  • Document Specialists
  • Public Relations Practitioners
  • Sales and Marketing Coordinators

They can also work in communications units of larger companies, communication based activities of local, state governments or within service sectors in areas such as web-design and communication consulting.

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