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University Offering Diploma in HVAC and Refrigeration
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Lincoln Technical Institute
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Penn Foster Schools
In the year 1890, distance learning method was developed by a newspaperman along with the help of coal miners and soon it took the shape of a school, which later became quite popular. More
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Virginia College
Earn your associate`s, bachelor’s or master’s degree from Virginia College. Our extensive programs are offered 100% online, so you can launch the career of your choice from the comfort of your own home. More
Diploma in HVAC and Refrigeration

Individuals looking forward to a job in the technical field of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration can opt for a Diploma in HVAC and Refrigeration. This Diploma course allows prospective students to learn the technical fundamentals, to enter the field of HVAC and Refrigeration industry.

Why an online Diploma in HVAC and Refrigeration

With an increase in refrigeration, heating, AC and ventilation equipments in residential, market and corporate sectors, there has been a constant demand of manpower and workers with basic education, at the technician level. Students who are interested in entering this booming sector, of repair and maintenance of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration machineries, can start by earning an online Diploma in HVAC and Refrigeration.

A major benefit of earning a Diploma in HVAC and Refrigeration through online classes is the fact that they are convenient, allows students to continue with their lifestyle along with their studies as well as lets them study at a suitable time. Also, online Diploma means they get to study all the basic factors like designing, maintenance, repairing, building, servicing and more through without taking hassle of class attendance.

Benefits of Diploma in HVAC and Refrigeration

Online Diploma in HVAC and Refrigeration offers fundamental study of heating ventilation, refrigeration technology and air conditioning. Basic subjects that are covered in a Diploma program in this field are service call procedures, as well as refrigeration systems and components.

Students pursuing Diploma in HVAC and Refrigeration will also get to learn about electrical wiring application in the field, various procedures for taking service calls like installation and repair as well as other fundamental jobs of a technician at the beginner level, such as maintenance and service procedures. 

Job Prospects

An online Diploma in Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is a fundamental course offering basic technical skills in various areas of HVAC and Refrigeration technology. Students with this Diploma can look for jobs as repair technician, installation technician and maintenance worker.

Career Opportunities

From working as a technician or repairman in a shop or a refrigeration or AC equipment company to being a technical worker in a HVAC industry, Diploma in HVAC and Refrigeration provides lucrative career opportunities for students looking forward to enter this field, from the scratch level.

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