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University Offering Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology
University of Maryland at College Park
As the state`s main hub of research and graduate education, University of Maryland at College Park is dedicated to achieve brilliance. The university offers a number of graduate, undergraduate, and doctorate degree programs. More
Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology

Counseling psychology is considered similar to the industrial psychology, clinical psychology, and school psychology. A course to become a counseling psychologist will teach to practice and research as well as help you in finding jobs in different areas. The subject of counseling psychology mainly focuses on interpersonal, personal aspects, educational, related to health, social, emotional, and developmental matters.

Why Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology?
Doctor of education in counseling psychology stresses on vocational and emotional concerns. The specialty mainly concentrates on the adjustment, health issues, effective development, distress, dysfunction, and to practice well-being for the individuals. You will gain various teachings regarding healing plans, reviewing, and different testing ways. You will be able to study the human behavior and different psychological sickness.
Benefits of Doctor of Education in Counseling Psychology
With a doctor of education in counseling psychology, you will be more aware of the importance of mindful and rational thinking. You will be concentrating more on how the patient should face different situations of life.
You will effectively deal with the general issues as compared to the mental health issues. You will be learning how to deal up with the current actions as compared to what has happened in the past. You will be working in community health centers, schools, and colleges and you can also practice privately. You will be helping the patients with their marriage-related and career development issues
Job Prospects
Currently, there are many openings in various fields of counseling psychology. According to the bureau of labor statistics with doctor of education in counseling psychology, there are job openings at educational institutions and different hospitals/dispensaries. There are so many different fields of counseling psychology like pastoral counseling, school counseling, providing family therapy, mental health, or doing social work etc. You can work as psychologist, human services officer, human resources consultant, personnel officer, and tertiary lecturer.
Career Opportunities

As far as the career openings are concerned, they are quite gratifying. You will be assisting people in their difficult times and you will be helping the people in stabilizing their mental conditions. With doctor of education in counseling technology, you will be exploring the areas of teaching, research work. You can also start your own work, and you can also work with educational institutions.
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