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University Offering Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy
Northcentral University
As a regionally accredited university, Northcentral University offers a variety of online bachelor`s, master`s, and doctorate degree programs. Northcentral University committed to help students to achieve their academic goals. More
Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy
Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family TherapyMarriage and Family Therapy is a division of psychotherapy that tries to deal with mental health problems in the setting of family systems and couples. An online Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy degree is for those who are thinking to move into academic world as researchers or professors to teach students to turn out to be marriage and family therapists. The degree trains students to do research, advance clinical practice, and teaching in marriage and family therapy. In this degree, students will study about specific subject fields of marriage and family therapy such as medical family therapy or child and adolescent therapy. The degree will prepare students to do clinical supervising and do study leading to thesis in a field of professional interest.

An online Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy degree centers on the main fields of courses, explore in groundwork for students` thesis and clinical practice. The degree`s coursework comprise families in crisis, child growth, family and human sciences, and theories of MFT practice. Other general courses comprise group assessment, personal assessment, statistics, cross-cultural counseling, and chemical dependence. In this degree, student will prepare to build up their individual clinical curricula, businesses, and education preparations about therapeutic community. Students will get the clinical prerequisites and coursework to turn into a licensed marriage and family therapist intern.

Admission Requirements

To get admission in online Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy degree, students should have a Master`s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy or associated field. Students are asked to submit some letters of recommendation and GRE scores. Some universities or colleges also required students to participate in a formal interview.

Benefits of Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy

Here are the benefits of pursing online Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy degree - 
  • Students can show their skills in social justice approaches to marriage and family therapy teaching, study, administration, and practice.
  • With this degree, students can build up efficient and tentatively consistent treatment programs for both clinical work and training.
Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

An online Doctor of Philosophy in Marriage and Family Therapy degree trains graduates for an array of career opportunities. Graduates may get jobs as college supervisor of a mental health agency, clinical supervisors, agency administrators, professor or clinician.
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