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Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management

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 University Offering Emergency Management
 Emergency Management

Men and women enrolled with this degree are taught to look after the affected people in various emergency situations, like hurricanes, terrorist attacks, fire and any natural calamity.

The advanced curriculum for the doctoral degree in Emergency Management comprises of leadership theories, stress management, social science and quantitative research work. Students are offered training through the case studies based on Biological, Chemical, Radiological/Nuclear and Explosive (CBRNE) accidents and the National Incident Management system (NIMS).

The online Doctoral Degree is a very convenient mode of pursuing higher studies in Emergency Management.  The scholar practitioners having the degree in Doctorate of Emergency Management deliver their knowledge to the leaders of the next generation.

Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

Emergency Management offers great career options for the students in the government, public and private sector, non-profit organizations, hospitals and volunteer organizations. The Emergency Managers can look for a rewarding career as counselors, Red Cross employees, Policemen, Firefighters and Dispatchers. With PhD in Emergency Management, students get an opportunity to work with the esteemed organizations like Red Cross and United Nations Organization.

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