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University Offering M.S. in Human Movement
M.S. in Human Movement

Master of Science in Human Movement is a post graduate degree designed to prepare an individual with higher knowledge of health and fitness. This degree provides knowledge of basic exercise science as well as comprehensively covers topics like Biomechanics, Corrective Exercise, Exercise Physiology and Human Movement Science.

Online M.S in Human Movement provides graduates with expertise in human movement science and related topics through easy and accredited distance education. Healthcare and human movement practitioners are provided with in depth knowledge of the field, leadership qualities and specialized fitness skills through an online format that includes online correspondence between teachers and professors, as well as online exams.

Motor Control, Exercise Science, Functional Anatomy, Functional Biomechanics, Human Movement Dysfunction, Functional Movement and Posture Assessment, Professional Practice and Responsibility, Exercise and Sport Related Nutrition, Human Movement Summer Institute, Human Movement Science, Concepts of Corrective Exercise, Research Methods, Measurement of Sports Fitness and many more are few of the course topics that will be covered in a program of M.S in Human Movement.

Job prospects and Career Options

With a Master’s degree in Human Movement, you can approach wide range of job options like physician, health instructor, fitness professional or physical therapist in health and fitness related areas like hospitals, gyms, healthcare education institutes and more.

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