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University Offering MA Journalism (International)
MA Journalism (International)

MA Journalism (International) program is for those who want to get involved in the changing role of journalism in this fast moving world - full of competitive challenges. The program provide students with the professional skills to collect, write, and report the news and features for print and online media. This program gives main emphasis on providing practical knowledge and skills to its students so that they can relate them with national or international views on the role of news in different contexts.

Why online MA Journalism (International)?

Online MA journalism (international) is helpful for everyone. Professionals can do this journalism program to enhance their skills and use them in their profession. Students don’t require to attend the classes. Graduates in journalism field can pursue this program to enhance their skills and gain advanced knowledge in international journalism.

Benefits of MA Journalism (International)

MA journalism (international) makes students self-independent and more thoughtful. They are able to evaluate their skills of writing and reporting while enhancing their academic qualifications. Students are able to evaluate the international framework in which they will be working and are able to understand the journalistic theories and principles.

Aims of the program

The main aim of MA journalism (international) is to make students understand the issues of international journalism. The aim of the program is to provide the skills to be able to analyze and understand the structure within which a journalist works. The program aims to enhance the effect of interactive technologies in journalism, make the students understand the roles and duties of the journalists, and provide them with working knowledge of international relations.

The students should have this educational experience which is beneficial in their development. It aims that student should be able to create their knowledge in a way that they are able to apply it to journalism.

Job Profile

Collecting information is not the only task of journalists, they need to tell the story, and verification of the information is done by them before they use it. They make sure that the information they have collected is correct, sure and reliable. Job of a journalist is to provide a complete and clear picture of the information available and expose all the important information to the reader. A journalist’s task is to inform people of the vital issues so that they are able to take correct decisions and measures.

Career Opportunities

With MA journalism (international), students can make a very good career. Students are able to work as reporters, editors, sub-editors and featured writers with a specific aim at international events. They have job opportunities in the growing area of online communication. They can also work as:

  • Radio/Television Director
  • Publicity Officer
  • Author
  • Broadcaster
  • Media Liaison Officer
  • Announcer

Students are also employed in related fields such as publishing, marketing, etc. They are employed in commercial radio/television stations, web and multimedia publications also.

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