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University Offering Master of Architecture
Master of Architecture
Architects design the buildings that constitute our world such that from our homes to the offices. By joining engineering skills and artistic imagination, architects form to build symmetrical structures. By pursuing a degree in architecture, students will learn the basics of architecture from numerous theories, building design, construction technology, and design programs. In architecture degree, students study to build up something that is architecturally good and match the surrounding environment.

Master of Architecture degree teaches students to master the skills to design a structure. Students get the perception and knowledge to make invention in design and engineering. Master of Architecture centers on the design, history, technology, and theory of architecture. The degree takes 2 to 3 years for completion. This degree is projected for architects who want to go into teaching and research professions.

Admission Requirements

To get admission in Master of Architecture, students should have a Bachelor`s degree in Architecture or related degree. If students do not hold an undergraduate degree in architecture, they require a solid background in physics, calculus, architectural history, computers, and studio to be viewed as a candidate for admission. A number of colleges or universities also ask students to submit their portfolio of preceding work associated to architecture.

Benefits of Master of Architecture

With Master of Architecture, students can get several benefits and a few of them are -
  • This degree offers the vibrant and stimulating learning experience to treat students’ dreams and career path.
  • Architects are constantly needed to design and carries out building projects and settle other problems about the man-made environment in different settings.
  • Architecture is progressively being renowned as one of the top academic fields of study, a technical profession, and an art form closely connected with the only leading sector of investment in the market.

Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

After getting Master of Architecture degree, graduates can start their career as an architect in government or private organizations. Graduates can also establish their own practice by working on commercial, residential, and institutional projects. A rising career track for architects is the specialty of environmentally sustainable designs.
  • Architects
  • Museum Curators
  • Real-Estate Developers
  • Environmental Designers
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