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 Master of Arts - Fashion Design and Technology

MA Fashion Design and Technology is a masters program to develop a student as an entrepreneur, with a major in design. MA fashion design and technology provides its students with a complete blend of both the fields. This program helps in increasing the creativity both conceptually and technically. The program develops the skills and knowledge of the students who are motivated with the desire to have their career in this fashion world. This program provides knowledge about the various themes in fashion such as: Historical, cultural, etc designs and global business. This program helps students to bring in their personal ideas and investigations towards the realization of an original body work.

Why Online MA Fashion Design and Technology?

Online MA Fashion Design and Technology is a helpful program for the students and the professionals also. The professionals in this fashion arena can enhance their skills while at work. They get to know more about latest trends and fashion when they are at work itself.
While studying online, students do not require attending any regular classes, which gives them enough time to use their enhanced design skills to gain more practical knowledge in this field. They can do so by applying for jobs like fashion trainees or design interns with big designer houses and firms. Graduates in this fashion world can have advanced knowledge about fashion and technology and can also get the current fashion updates.

Benefits of MA Fashion Design and Technology

MA Fashion Design and Technology program benefits all students who are willing to have a career in this fashion arena from a beginner to a professional. This program makes students very good fashion designers with inventive and conventional design skills. This program provides students such modern skills that give an edge in the ultra-competitive fashion design industry.

Aims of MA Fashion Design and Technology

The main aim of this program is to provide complete knowledge and skills to the students about the latest fashion trends and technologies used. This program aims to prepare technically qualified professionals to organize tasks in areas of design manufacture and management of a product.

Job Profile

The Fashion Designers have the most sort out career in today’s world. The job of Fashion Designers is not just meeting glamorous people and interacting with them, but also to create a style trend for the people to follow. Their major working areas in the organization are designing garments, cutting cloth, sewing the pieces together and at last merchandising. A Fashion Designer designs garments for everyone men, women, children. They create garments by keeping in mind the requirements of their clients, the latest fashion trends, market conditions, weather, color, style, etc.
Their main areas to work in the fashion industry are:

• Design Department
• Marketing and Merchandising
• Manufacturing Department
• Fashion Coordinators

Career Opportunities

MA Fashion Design and technology program provides great opportunities in various sectors dealing with fashion to students. They can work in fashion industry as Fashion Organizers, Costume Designers, Merchandisers, and Export Houses. They can also work in government or semi government handloom or textile manufacturers. They can have their own business of garment manufacturing, can run their own boutiques, etc.

In today’s world, Fashion Design and technology has a vast scope. This program provides a wide range of career opportunities in the field of design and fashion. A Masters in design and technology fully equips a fashion designing aspirant with a soaring career and a bright future. 

 University Offering Master of Arts - Fashion Design and Technology

WestWood College

Westwood College was established in 1953, in Denver, Colorado and was known for many years as Denver Institute of Technology

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