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Bachelor of Arts in organizational management
 Master of Arts in Fashion Merchandising

Degree in Fashion Merchandising helps students to combine the love of fashion with business knowledge. This program will teach students how to market the present fashion trends and predict the future fashion trends which may be developed in a visual and creative way. Students in this program get complete information of fashion merchandising and fashion marketing. They are given knowledge about the skills such as business, marketing, consumer behavior and retail management. During this Fashion Merchandising degree students are educated in both comprehensive and diverse ways to evaluate various fashion trends because it blends the business aspects, human aspects, and creativity together in order to set up students for success in fashion world. The Fashion Merchandising program provides a combination of introduction to the fashion global industry, the basics of design and creation of fashion items.

Why Online Degree in Fashion Merchandising?

Online degree in Fashion Merchandising helps students to learn about various fashion techniques, trends, etc by sitting at home and attending classes any time they want to attend. There is no time specification for attending classes. Online degree is helpful for the professionals also as they get knowledge about various latest trends and fashion while carrying on with their profession.

Benefits of Degree in Fashion Merchandising

The Fashion Merchandising Degree is beneficial for the students as they get training to work in the fashion production team to ensure that new fashion designs meet market requirements. With this program students will develop a complete understanding of fashion merchandising concepts, business strategies, and career opportunities in the ever changing fashion industry. This program makes students understand retail and fashion concepts as they apply to apparel or non-apparel merchandise and they understand the buying, promotion and inventory techniques. Students are able to use fashion terminology and are able to understand fabric construction, care and use related to customer benefits and fashion buying. They also develop effective retail selling techniques.

Job Profile

The job profile of Fashion Merchandisers is to connect with customers.  To reach this goal they have to perform various tasks such as:

• Attending fashion shows
• Negotiating with manufacturers and suppliers
• Managing Retail outlets
• Setting up store displays
• Advertising and marketing

The other task of fashion merchandisers is to analyze market trends, production costs, and previous sales number to determine the product direction that the manufacturer will take.

Career Opportunities

The Fashion Merchandising degree program provides students with exciting career in the constantly evolving and changing world of fashion. Career in fashion merchandising generally involves learning about textiles, material construction, and visual design issues.
Students can get jobs as:

• Fashion Buyer
• Fashion Director
• Retail Store manager
• Showroom Sales Representative
• Product Development
• Catalog Production
• Human Resources Director
• Textile Merchandiser and Designer

Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising

The Associate Degree program provides complete knowledge and skills of fashion merchandising in short term. This degree is basically to cover the important part of syllabi in short course with full details. Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising is for the professionals or students who are into the fashion world and want to gain knowledge about fashion merchandising. It is for them who are willing to do the course but do not have time for pursuing a full fledged fashion merchandising course.

Masters Degree in Fashion Merchandising

The Masters degree in Fashion Merchandising helps the professionals who want to gain advanced knowledge about Fashion Merchandising, Fashion Marketing, etc. This Masters degree will help them to enhance their skills and use them in their profession. Professionals or students can pursue this program any time they want. This Fashion merchandising program is very beneficial after completion of this course students can get higher opportunities in their career and they get a better salary package.

 University Offering Master of Arts in Fashion Merchandising

WestWood College

Westwood College was established in 1953, in Denver, Colorado and was known for many years as Denver Institute of Technology

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