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University Offering Master of Arts in Sociology
Master of Arts in Sociology
Master degree in SociologySociology is a discipline that concentrates on the study of human social activities. An online Master of Arts in Sociology degree prepares students with the skills required to get into the professional industry as sociologists or to earn doctoral level degree. Students will get the chance to gain a knowledge base in sociological methods, theory and in fields of developing community concern. The degree provides students an in-depth knowledge of the relations amongst individuals and the diverse cultural and social groups, which they belong.

An online Master of Arts in Sociology degree boasts training in sociological research techniques, stats, and traditional and modern-day social theory. The degree also boasts concentrations in particular subfields like businesses, social activities, social disparity, psychology, and urban sociology. The degree`s courses of study change by concentration but normally include training in quantitative research and analysis. Some course topics of the degree include - 
  • Classical Social Theory
  • Ethnic Conflicts
  • Social Movements
  • Community Sociology
  • Inequality and the underclass
  • Economic Sociology
Admission Requirements

For admission in online Master`s degree in Sociology, students should hold a Bachelor`s degree in Sociology. Students are required to have a minimum GPA. Other requirements comprise three letters of recommendation, GRE scores, undergraduate transcripts, and statement of purpose. The degree also requires students to complete practical work or internship.

Benefits of Master of Arts in Sociology

The benefits of pursuing online Master`s degree in Sociology are - 
  • Students can describe theory and explain its functionality in developing sociological knowledge.
  • With this degree, students will be able to explain how sociology is similar to or different from other sciences.
  • Students can present the cultural or historical circumstance wherein theories were built up.
Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

An online Master of Arts in Sociology degree trains graduates for numerous career opportunities. Graduates can get careers in non-profit management, education, business, research evaluation, youth and community service organizations, and law enforcement. In addition, technical and scientific consulting firms also appoint sociologists. Some possible career options for graduates are - 
  • Research Associate
  • Probation Officer
  • Customs Agent
  • Public Relations Specialist
  • Federal Investigator
  • Professor
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