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Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management
 University Offering Master of Business Administration in International Business
Strayer University
Strayer University was founded by Dr.S.Irving Strayer. He set up a small college in Maryland called Strayer’s Business College of Baltimore City in year 1892. From the beginning, this college had built a good reputation for the academic brilliance and student service. More
Walden University
Walden University is a leader and an institution, which aims at changing lives and society. Focusing on different teaching and learning aspects of 21st century, Walden University and it’s highly qualified staff are dedicated towards its high scholastic values. More
Jones International University
Jones International University was set up with an aim of offering a career focused and convenient education platform to students of different cultures, castes and geographical backgrounds. More
Benedictine University
Established in year 1887, Benedictine University is an excellent institute of education with rich history and glorious tradition of quality teaching. More
National American University
Since 1996, National American University has been serving online students across the world. Recognized by Higher Learning Commission, National American College is also a member of North Central Association. More
Post University Online
Post University Online has been offering outstanding web education since 1996 and has become one of the leading organizations providing distance education to students with higher academic aspirations and objectives. More
University of Maryland, Baltimore County
Seeing the requirement of academic Institution, University of Maryland, Baltimore County was founded in the year 1966 for the returning veterans of Korean War and World War II. More
 Master of Business Administration in International Business

Master of Business Administration in International Business helps you to develop various management, logical, and tactical proficiencies, which will prepare you in facing various challenges of the corporate sectors. The program lays a foundation for basic business fields like finance, economics, accounting, marketing, and management. You also get to develop various logical skills, proficiencies related to problem solving, which a present day manager should possess, teamwork, and time management. You get to develop an aptitude to handle advancements in the field of technology and different organizational changes.

Why Master of Business Administration in International Business?

This course will help you face different forms of multifaceted businesses. You will develop leadership qualities and knowledge on how to act in the various business environments. You are provided sound knowledge about the different business areas like human resource management, finance, marketing, and economics in the context of international trading and government policies.

Benefits of Master of Business Administration in International Business
When you successfully complete the degree, you will be able to understand the character and risks involved in the field of international business and various economic matters of the different countries.  
It will prepare you to face the global demands and developing leadership qualities in the complicated international field. The degree program offers the students to comprehend the different cultures and interpreting various trends of the market at national and international level.  
You will understand the profits and risks involved in international business. You will gain the experience in understanding different company’s policies at international level.  
Job Prospects
With the master of business administration in international business, you can find employment in security companies, banks, import/export companies, airlines, courier, cargo, international shipping companies, travel/tourism/hospitality division, economic and development organizations.    
Career Opportunities

You can work in both private and public sectors across the world. You will be working at the administrative positions across the world. There are many employment opportunities in the multinational companies and different oil/gas industries, management consulting, consumer goods retailing, and financial services etc.  
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