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University Offering Master of Communication Management
University of Southern California
As an excellent research university, University of Southern California awards graduate and undergraduate degree programs. The university provides students the flexibility and convenience to complete their degrees. More
Master of Communication Management
In an online degree in communication management, students will learn how to supervise a company and use the newest technologies to their job. An online Master of Communication Management degree focuses on strategical communication for public counselors, public relations experts, and mediators who must pass on their messages efficiently, concisely, and convincingly. In this degree, students can sharpen their written and verbal skills. Students will learn how to apply existing and latest techniques to communicate well with different listeners. The degree provides students the knowledge and skills to do extremely well in continually changing business settings.

In online Master of Communication Management degree, students will learn how to communicate with higher management, handle projects in a communications structure, use strategies to execute communications programs, provide solutions to communications issues, and adjust and add latest skills as technology transforms. The degree`s coursework comprises numerous core courses collective with self-regulating study courses. The degree’s courses centre on the communications strategies and application of technology to the business world. Some course topics include - 
  • Strategic Management
  • Corporate Communication
  • Entertainment Media
  • Technology and Communication
  • Media Strategies
  • Legal Aspects of Communication
Admission Requirements

To get admission in online Master`s degree in Communication Management, students must hold a Bachelor`s degree with some professional work experience. Students may require to submit a resume, undergraduate transcripts, GRE scores, a statement of purpose, and letters of recommendation.

Benefits of Master of Communication Management

Here are the benefits of online Master’s degree in Communication Management - 
  • Students will learn skills that assist them turn out to be confided counselors and professionals in their individual communities. 
  • The degree builds up students` skills over all styles of communication in group, intercultural, social, and organizational settings.
Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

An online Master of Communication Management degree offers graduates the management-level career opportunities in public relations, technology or corporate communication. Graduates can work in almost all businesses as well as private and public corporate entities, non-profit organizations, colleges/universities, and government agencies. Possible career options for graduates are - 
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Public Affairs Director
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