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University Offering Master of Cyber Security
University of Southern California
As an excellent research university, University of Southern California awards graduate and undergraduate degree programs. The university provides students the flexibility and convenience to complete their degrees. More
Master of Cyber Security
Master-degree-in-Cyber-SecurityCyber Security is a main concern that all businesses requires to deal with. A degree in Cyber Security will prepare students to get job in this field. An online Master of Cyber Security degree provides students the expertise to protect data, communication, and networks. In this degree, students will learn to plan, execute, and supervise business level system integrity and security. In this degree, students will study about computer networks, operating systems, cryptology, and network security. In this degree, students will learn about information security, cryptography, forensics network interruptions, and firewalls.

An online Master of Cyber Security degree instructs students about security standards for outer limits network devices and virtual private network links. In this degree, students learn how to securely supervise networks such as wireless networks, WAN, and LAN. In this degree, students can take part in laboratory works and simulations to learn about complete security in a network system. The degree`s course of study emphasizes both practical and theoretical elements of information security as well as hardware and software engineering, computer forensics, and system integrity. Some course topics include - 
  • LAN/WAN Security
  • Introduction to Cyber-Terrorism
  • Information Systems Security
  • Firewalls and Proxies
  • Cryptography
Admission Requirements

Students enrolling to earn online Master`s degree in Cyber Security should have a Bachelor`s degree in Computer Security or related field. Students are required to have considerable work experience in cyber security before admission. Other requirements comprise SAT scores, an admission essay, and letters of recommendation.

Benefits of Master of Cyber Security

Here are the benefits of online Master`s degree in Cyber Security - 
  • Students will be capable to collect, examine, and evaluate the pertinence of top practices in dealing with information security problems related to cyber security community.
  • With this degree, students will be able to combine methods and theories of project planning, risk analysis, and transform management in the implementation of information security strategies.
Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

With online Master of Cyber Security, graduates can get various career opportunities, because their skills are worthful over numerous industries. Graduates can get career options in private businesses and military or government agencies. Potential career options for graduates are - 
  • Cyber Forensics Investigator
  • Network Security Specialist
  • Information Security Technician
  • Network Administrator
  • Cyber Security Expert
  • Security Manager
  • Security Administrator
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