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University Offering Master of Financial Analysis
Rutgers Business School
Renowned for its diversity, Rutgers Business School offers many graduate and undergraduate online degree programs. Rutgers Business School delivers advanced and multidisciplinary courses of study with a combination of science and business. More
Master of Financial Analysis
Master of Financial AnalysisFinancial Analysis cites as an evaluation of the financial condition of a project or business. Financial Analysis is done by examining ratios that use data acquired from statements and reports. An online Master of Financial Analysis degree instructs students the advanced research techniques and ways applied to examine all prospects of possible investments and threats. The degree provides students the managerial level skills required for progress in the industry. The degree instructs students the advanced business methods and tactics in finance, accounting, and management.

An online Master of Financial Analysis degree will provide students the knowledge and abilities required to examine, handle, and guidance on finances for companies functioning in an international business setting. Students can also do a financial study for management course, which may comprise perceptions regarding understanding of financial statements, cost-volume-profit analysis, transaction analysis, and fiscal ratio analysis. The degree begins with the extensive business courses after that it centers on the advanced accounting and finance classes. Some course topics are -
  • Ethics and Law of Business
  • Analyzing financial statement and risks
  • Business Tax benefits
  • Advanced Econometrics and strategies for finance
Admission Requirements

For admission in online Master of Financial Analysis, students should hold a Bachelor`s degree. Financial Analysis degree programs are generally competitive, thus high scores in exams such as GRE or GMAT are common prerequisites. Some universities or colleges also require students to have some references and experience in any form of business area prior to admission.

Benefits of Master of Financial Analysis

Here are the benefits of earning online Master`s degree in Financial Analysis - 
  • Students can assess enduring and arising problems and tendencies regarding leading and handling businesses in international business settings.
  • With this degree, students can assign priority and make special strategies to handle possible ethical problems. 
  • Students can analyze financial reports and accounting data in managerial decision-making.
Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

A financial analyst`s job is to serve businesses and persons to make decision how to deal and invest their funds. After receiving online Master`s degree in Financial Analysis, graduates may get numerous career opportunities as financial analyst. Graduates may find jobs in diverse fields such as insurance, media, banking, and securities exchanges. Possible career options for graduates are - 
  • Investment Analyst
  • Securities Analyst
  • Budget Analyst
  • Financial Examiner/Analyst
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