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University Offering Master of Science in Civil Engineering
University of Southern California
As an excellent research university, University of Southern California awards graduate and undergraduate degree programs. The university provides students the flexibility and convenience to complete their degrees. More
University of Alabama Birmingham
As a public research university, University of Alabama Birmingham encourages strong association for scholarship and research. The university offers numerous bachelor`s, master`s, and doctor`s degree programs. More
Master of Science in Civil Engineering
Master-degree-in-Civil-EngineeringCivil Engineering encompasses the construction and design of social infrastructures. An online Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree has an array of fields varying from construction and structural engineering to environmental engineering. The degree offers students the dedicated training in the management and overseeing of bridges, buildings, airports, road and rail network, and tunnels. In this degree, students will gain the mathematical, mechanical, and technical skills need to get into the workforce as civil engineers. Students will learn how to find out logistic challenges such as governmental rules and vital liability of assessing the lifespan of a building.

In online Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree, students will learn about mathematics, advance business principles, and engineering practices. The degree provides students a thorough knowledge of the discipline and amends their critical thinking and analytical skills. The degree will presumably encompass analytical processes in liquid and solid state mechanism, vibration, random processes, and consistency. The degree`s coursework generally gives importance to both practical applications and learning theory. Some course topics are - 
  • Pipe System Engineering
  • Engineering decision and Support systems
  • Physical Hydrology
  • Linear Programming
  • Statistics of Environmental Monitoring
Admission Requirements

Students interested to earn online Master`s degree in Civil Engineering must hold a Bachelor`s degree in Civil Engineering or associated field. Students are required to have a minimum GPA and to some submit letters of recommendation, a professional resume, and official transcripts. Some colleges or universities may also require some work experience.

Benefits of Master of Science in Civil Engineering

The benefits of online Master’s degree in Civil Engineering are - 
  • With this degree, students will learn to make use of engineering devices such as computer-aided design software.
  • Students learn to make project schemes that comprise budget, schedules, and construction arrangements.
Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

Graduates with online Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree are trained to get a range of positions in research and development in this field. Graduates can work for architectural or engineering firms and for government agencies planning and supervising major construction projects. Some possible career options for graduates are - 
  • Project Manager
  • Design Engineer
  • Consultant
  • Government Official
  • Industry Executive
  • Researcher
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