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University Offering Master of Science in Computer Engineering
University of Southern California
As an excellent research university, University of Southern California awards graduate and undergraduate degree programs. The university provides students the flexibility and convenience to complete their degrees. More
Master of Science in Computer Engineering
A computer engineer denotes to software or computer hardware engineer. An online Master of Science in Computer Engineering degree centers on the design and execution of computer systems. The degree generally highlights research and boosts students to amend computer efficiency. The degree also highlights the applications of software and hardware design. This comprises computerization, data acquisition, and communications or manufacturing. In this degree, students study about techniques to amend the functioning of computers, developing software apps and make safe computers. An online degree in computer engineering perhaps provided in combination with electrical engineering and boast concentrations like network engineering.

In online Master of Science in Computer Engineering degree, students study to give digital solutions to issues over diverse technology-oriented industries. Moreover, students are likely to take part in hardware and software research and development. The focus is usually on search for new methods to access active and difficult computer networking problems. In this degree, students can research on human-computer interface, CAD, compiling programs, and databases. Some courses in this degree include - 
  • Electromechanical Systems
  • Wireless Networking
  • Evaluating and Modeling Computer Performance
Admission Requirements

For admission in online Master’s degree in Computer Engineering, students must hold a Bachelor`s degree in computer engineering or computer science. Potential students are also required to submit one or two letters of recommendation, a statement of purpose, transcripts with a minimum GPA and GRE scores.

Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

An online Master of Science in Computer Engineering degree trains graduates for careers in the computer science field. With this degree, students are eligible for jobs in government agencies, private research and development centers. Some possible career options for graduates include - 
  • Director of Computer Programming 
  • Data Analyst Administrator
  • Project Manager
  • Systems Engineer
  • Computer Design Specialist
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