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University Offering Master of Science in Health Promotion
Master of Science in Health Promotion
Master of Science in Health PromotionHealth Promotion is a part of public health where the people get education about disease avoidance and healthcare. An online Master of Science in Health Promotion degree prepares students for advance study and practice in Health Promotion discipline. The degree`s goal is to train health promotion professionals to participate in health promotion research and practice and improve the quality and effectiveness of health promotion process. The degree provides students the comprehensive knowledge of health policies, health behavior theories, as well as diseases and disorders.

In online Master of Science in Health Promotion degree, students will gain the knowledge to formulate the process amid ecological, psychoneurotic, and physiological components. In this degree, students will study about managerial techniques in addition to management theories and principles to affect the health promotion discipline. The degree`s curricula comprise new programs in advanced possibilities of healthcare, health promotion, and new methods in the field. Some course topics in this degree comprise - 
  • Research Methodology
  • Evaluation of Health Education programs
  • Personal Health Promotion
  • Epidemiology
  • Intervention Strategies
Admission Requirements

To get admission in online Master`s degree in Health Promotion, students should hold a Bachelor`s degree in Health Promotion, healthcare administration or health education. Students are also asked to submit transcripts, GRE scores, personal essays, and letters of recommendation.

Benefits of Master of Science in Health Promotion

The benefits of pursuing online Master’s degree in Health Promotion are – 
  • With this degree, students will get abilities and knowledge to do modifications in the lifestyle and improve people`s societal or organizational health and wellness.
  • Students can advance their knowledge in doing evaluations of different health promotions and the impact of law.
Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

With online Master of Science in Health Promotion degree, graduates can get a choice of career opportunities. The degree prepares graduates to get leadership roles in planning, implementation, and evaluating health promotion programs in different fields. Graduates may also get career opportunities as high-level expert or executive. Some possible career options for graduates are - 
  • Health Department Manager
  • School Health Education Director
  • Research Coordinator for Healthcare society
  • Health Program Director
  • Health Promotion Specialist
  • Dietician
  • Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor
  • Health Educator
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