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University Offering Master of Science in Legal Studies
California University of Pennsylvania
Accredited by the Commission of Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, California University of Pennsylvania is dedicated to helping students to develop personally and professionally. More
Master of Science in Legal Studies
Students who are seeking a legal education or have interest in law careers might go for online Master`s degree in Legal Studies. This degree is usually for mid-level students who have a partial knowledge on law. An online Master of Science in Legal Studies degree is designed for graduate students who want to advance their research or career in the legal system. In this degree, students study about the US judicial system and legal principles.

In online Master of Science in Legal Studies degree, students will study about how law has made to order and modified in relationship with social causes and disturbance. In this degree, students learn how to study significance of law and legal procedures, follow legal rules to examine economical problems, and put on leadership theories and rules to the legal system. The degree`s coursework has elective courses that focus particular subject field as well as major courses like the American legal system, legal history and philosophy, and lawsuit. Course topics in this degree comprise private sector compliance, trademark law, and professional liability.

Admission Requirements

For admission in online Master of Science in Legal Studies, students should hold a Bachelor`s degree in Legal Studies or associated field. In addition, students may require to submit GRE scores, a statement of purpose, and some letters of recommendation.

Benefits of Master of Science in Legal Studies

Here are the benefits of pursuing online Master of Science in Legal Studies - 
  • The degree provides students the expertise required to describe the laws and legal standards vital to the details of a legal case.
  • Students learn how to write down important legal papers for use in court.
  • In this degree, students learn the fundamental concepts that notify criminal codes.
Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

Graduates with Master of Science in Legal Studies may get a variety of career opportunities. Graduates may find career opportunities in education, legal settings, human resources, and health care. Some possible career options for graduates include - 
  • Police Officer
  • Public Safety Program Director
  • Nurse Administrator
  • Paralegal and Legal Assistant
  • Information Specialist
  • Financial Examiners
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