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University Offering Master of Science in Technology Management
Master of Science in Technology Management

Master of Science in Technology Management is an advance program offering specialization in the subject as well as providing thorough knowledge on various applicable concepts and theories, required to work in a technology and management based environment. This is a necessary program for graduates looking for advanced knowledge and higher education in Technology management. 

Why online degree in Master of Science in Technology Management?
Online degree in M.S in Technology Management will help you advance your career and attain better job profile, through easy and swift online education at your own schedule. Online technology management curriculum consists of detailed theoretical and conceptual understanding of the field.
For working individuals, online Master’s in Technology Management is an excellent opportunity to increase their knowledge and qualification by doing a specialization and continuing their current job all together.
Benefits of Master of Science in Technology Management
Master of Science in Technology Management will provide you with broader understanding of management concepts in business, as well as detailed lessons on generic technologies. This course focuses on specialization in the symbiotic relationship of technology and management. You will attain specialization in areas like distance education technology, information system and services, information technology, homeland security management, project management, e-business and more.
You will also learn to manage businesses, public and private sectors running on technology, will learn core concept of technology management and more.
This program includes courses like Innovation & Technology Transfer, Organizing for Effective Innovation, Human Resources for Technology Management, Information Systems & Software Management, Strategic Business & Operations Management, Marketing Technology Products, Managing Technology Projects, Technology & Society, and Human Resources for Technology Management Enterprise and more.
Job Prospects

If you are already working with basic knowledge of technology management, a master’s degree will help you upgrade to higher job posts as IT manager, IT project manager, IT director, program director, technology strategist and more. Moreover, if you are working in a non-technical organization, you can apply for senior posts like Senior Supervisor, Team Leader, Project Manager, Advisor, and Human resource manager.

Career Opportunities

Master of Science in Technology Management opens door to pleasing career opportunities for its students. If you are a graduate working at an entry level job post as a fresher with basic skills, this course will enhance your career and enable you to apply for senior level job posts in various sectors like computer programming, private and public sectors, end-user and customer support, IT companies, biotechnology and non-management section of government and private organizations.

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