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University Offering Undergraduate Certificate in Tractor-Trailer Driving
Advanced Technology Institute
If you’re good with your hands and like putting things together, Advanced Technology Institute can train you for a rewarding career. More
Undergraduate Certificate in Tractor-Trailer Driving
To become a tractor-trailer driver is a bright career option, but it has number of challenges. Undergraduate Certificate in Tractor-Trailer Driving teaches students with an extensive basis of know-how by practical and classroom experience to get in this field as a skilled driver. The aim of this certificate is to provide a proficiently qualified Tractor Trailer Driver capable of looking for employment in the workforce and to build up the technical, fundamental, and occupational skills required to turn out to be efficiently self-sustaining.

Undergraduate Certificate in Tractor-Trailer Driving will provide newbies in the trucking career with the skills and knowledge essential to run nowadays’ tools carefully and professionally. Students finishing the certificate will be prepared to get jobs in entry-level driving roles. Coursework comprises fundamental operations; secure controlling practices in normal, utmost, and bad driving conditions; fundamental vehicle maintenance and non-vehicle activities with the application of state and federal rules relating to vehicle, speed, cargo, and service hours.

Admission Requirements

Students should fulfill the pre-qualifying requirements of the industry by putting up a social security card, valid driver`s license, 5-year motor vehicle report free of too much violations and clearing Department of Transportation physical test and drug screen. Any DUI, DWI or rash driving condemnation or any offense conviction for drug or theft is regarded as an extreme violation.

Job Prospects and Career Opportunities

Students get many career opportunities by getting Undergraduate Certificate in Tractor-Trailer Driving. Career options with Undergraduate Certificate in Tractor-Trailer Driving are - 
  • Truck Driver Supervisor 
  • Industrial Truck and Tractor Operator
  • Shuttle Driver
  • School Bus Driver
  • Ambulance Driver
  • Truck Driver - Heavy
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