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Associate in Criminal Justice  

Associate degree in Criminal Justice is a two-year degree specially designed for the students looking forward to a unique career that can make a difference. Associate degree in Criminal Justice has gained lot of popularity, as it allows students to get the basic knowledge required to enter the field of Law and Criminal Justice. The field of Criminal justice is vast and has elements like law enforcement, paralegal, private security, court reporting and many more.

Why an Online Associate Degree in Criminal Justice

Online Associate degree in Criminal Justice is the best option for the students who have just passed out from high schools or for the graduates, who are looking for enhancement in their careers. This online degree helps students to seek entry-level positions in the field of Criminal Justice. With the self-paced program the students can set their own schedule and study conveniently. 

The main subjects covered under an online Associate degree in Criminal Justice are- Criminology, Computer Applications, Constitutional law, Criminal procedure, and Criminal evidence, Introduction to corrections, Criminal justice report writing, Criminal evidence and Criminal procedure. Through this course students tend to learn about the nature of the crime and they also study the causes of the criminal behavior.

Benefits of Associate Degree in Criminal Justice  
Criminal Justice is a very vast field that comprises of many facets of psychology, sociology and science. An Associate degree in Criminal Justice provides students with excellent organizational skills, complete knowledge of legal system, critical thinking, self-defense techniques, research and superlative communication strategies. With Associate degree in Criminal Justice, students can either transit to Bachelor`s degree in Criminal Justice or can build a successful career into the field of Criminal Justice.

Job Prospects

With the growing demand of police departments in cities and town, students with Associate degrees in Criminal Justice can foresee bright and profitable careers. The enforcement officers and other criminal justice practitioners can acquire quick promotions and enhance their careers, through the Associate degree in Criminal Justice. The students holding the Associate Degree in Criminal Justice can work as Security officer, Loss prevention officer, Private investigator, Corrections officer, Law Enforcement officer, etc.

Career Opportunities

An Associate degree provides students with the complete knowledge of 3 Cs of Criminal Justice which are Courts, Corrections and Cops. Criminal Justice offers a wide array of job opportunities to the students in the field of law enforcement, private security, corrections, as well as court and loss prevention.

For program disclosure information with regard to University of Phoenix, click here.

 Kaplan Career Institute Offering Associate in Criminal Justice

Kaplan Career Institute

Kaplan Career Institute, a part of Kaplan Higher Education has six campus locations offering an array of programs in subjects like Healthcare, Technology, Criminal Justice, Business, Information-system, Digital Arts and Computer-Based Drafting. More

 Other Universities Offering Associate in Criminal Justice

University of Phoenix

With a foundation laid in 1976, University of Phoenix is a leader with a revolutionary effort in building of the higher academic level by promoting the online education program. More

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University (CTU) Online is a career-oriented online college offering high standard academic services, designed to help students in choosing right career after completion of their graduation. More

Kaplan University

Kaplan University is an institution serving people and society since 1937, with a mission of enhancing skills and mastering its students to face success. More

Strayer University

Strayer University was founded by Dr.S.Irving Strayer. He set up a small college in Maryland called Strayer’s Business College of Baltimore City in year 1892. From the beginning, this college had built a good reputation for the academic brilliance and student service. More

Liberty University

Liberty University is world’s biggest evangelical university with over 27,000 of its students studying online. The students are provided with high quality education in a unique Christian atmosphere. More

Everest College

A recognized name amongst the famous educational institutes worldwide. Everest College at Phoenix offers career-oriented programs for adult students looking for a degree through online or distance education. More

Everest University Online

Everest University Online began its journey in the year 1999 with five courses offered via two campuses. Soon the initiation of Everest University Online was given a boost with the approval of enrolling online students for more courses. More

Keiser University

Seeing the need of convenient quality education, Keiser University was founded in the year 1977. The students of Keiser University today enjoy an extra edge when facing the challenges in their respective fields. More

American InterContinental University Online

American InterContinental University Online (AIU Online) is a distance education branch of the reputed American InterContinental University, an academic institution that has been offering a high-class and quality education in diverse fields, since 1970. More

Virginia College- Online

Virginia College Online is an online extension of the reputed institute Virginia College, established in 1983. More

Briarcliffe College

Briarcliffe College is committed towards providing students with career-targeted programs, designed to cater to their professional and educational requirements. More

Brown College

Established in 1946, Brown College is one of the leading academic institutes providing students with quality programs and degrees. This College believes in providing students with practical training, technical expertise and updated education. More

Ashworth College

Formerly known as Professional Career development Institute, Ashworth College was established in 1987. Starting with only few professional programs, Ashworth College presently offers a wide array of career-oriented programs in the fields of Business, Restaurant Management More

Brown Mackie College

Owned by the Education Management Corporation, Brown Mackie College has more than 20 locations in 13 states. This college offers a wide range of courses in Business, Legal, Information Technology, Health Sciences and Creative Fields. More

Kaplan College

Formerly known as Hagerstown Business College, Kaplan College is part of Kaplan Higher Education Campuses, a division of Kaplan Higher Education Corporation. Kaplan College is a post-secondary institution with 39 campuses in 10 states. More

Bauder College

Located in Atlanta, Bauder College was established in 1962 and is presently owned by Kaplan Higher Education. The College offers Associate`s, Bachelor`s Degrees and Certificate Programs in the fields of Information Technology, Business, Healthcare and Design. More

Hesser College

Hesser College was established in 1900, as Hesser Business College in Manchester by Joel H. Hesser. This college is now a part of Kaplan Higher Education Corporation. More

TESST College of Technology

TESST College of Technology was founded in 1957 as TESST Technology Institute, at Hyattsvile, Maryland. This institute now comes under the Kaplan Higher Education. More