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Associate in HVAC and Refrigeration  

Individuals working in field of Heating, Ventilation, Cooling and Refrigeration or those fascinated with the working of complex AC and refrigeration equipments are suitable for an Associate degree in HVAC and Refrigeration. This is a technical degree offering fundamental knowledge of mechanical and electrical aspects involved in this field.

Why an online Associate in HVAC and Refrigeration?

An online Associate Degree in HVAC and Refrigeration is ideal for working adults seeking higher education in servicing, troubleshooting and maintaining Heating, Ventilating, AC and Refrigeration system. Individuals already working at low level jobs in a Refrigeration or HVAC industry can attain higher skills and educational qualification, by studying at night or evening time through online Associate program.

Working adults with a Diploma in field of HVAC and refrigeration can also upgrade their qualification and knowledge through an online Associate program in the field, which allows them to learn more about their work and its mechanical and technical areas, without compromising with their current job hours.

Online Associate in HVAC and Refrigeration is the best way of attaining higher technician skills and knowledge about building, planning and maintaining equipments, when aiming enhancement in job profile. Individuals working as fresher in HVAC sector at repair or servicing level can study more, at their own pace and time schedule, through small and accredited online classes and apply for bigger job responsibilities.

Benefits of Associate in HVAC and Refrigeration

Associate in HVAC and Refrigeration offers teaching in areas like Thermal Controls, Air Distribution, HVAC and Refrigeration Safety, Pneumatic HVAC systems, HVAC and Refrigeration Electronics, Thermal Comfort, Indoor Air Quality, Psychometric, ASHRAE standards and more. 

The standard coursework of an Associate degree program in HVAC and Refrigeration also includes Mechanical Systems, Introduction to CAD, Air Conditioning, Heating and Cooling System and Refrigeration.

A student studying HVAC gets understanding of HVAC regulations, industry procedures, building codes, equipments and calculating tools, as well as ability to read and understand blueprints.

Job Prospects

Associate in HVAC and Refrigeration opens door for job positions like equipment installer, service technician, field technician, mechanical contractor, sales representative and more. Associate degree holder in field of Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration can apply for entry level jobs in HVAC sector.

Career Opportunities

Associate degree program in HVAC and Refrigeration offers huge career opportunities in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration industry. Prospective students learning HVAC can apply in different commercial companies dealing with AC and Refrigeration manufacturing, building and repairing.

 Red Stone College Offering Associate in HVAC and Refrigeration

Red Stone College

Red Stone College, a part of Alta Colleges was founded in 1965. The programs offered at Red Stone College helps students in getting enriching careers in the areas like Construction More

 Other Universities Offering Associate in HVAC and Refrigeration

Advanced Technology Institute

Located in Virginia, Advanced Technology Institute is known for offering dynamic technical education in Heavy Vehicle Technology, Automotive, Air Conditioning and Heating. More