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Bachelor in Culinary Arts  

If you love to cook and wish to create and present dishes in an expert’s way then a formal education in culinary arts is what you need to get started with. A bachelors degree in culinary arts provides you with practical experience and strong knowledge of cooking which you will need for a career in this field.

A bachelors degree course in culinary arts is all about learning the variety of skills and roles as a cook and to expertise the elegance of preparing and presenting an alluring creation of ingredients.

Why an online degree of Bachelors in Culinary Arts?

An online degree program is an ideal way of learning the basics and techniques of food preparation and presentation at your convenience. An online degree serves as advantage for you if you are already working and can’t take leaves or are finding the regular program exhausting and costly. With an adjustable education system, you will learn all the skills like speed, quality and perfection in culinary industry to meet the precise career demand.

You don’t have to worry about missing classes, heavy schedules, study material expenses and time bound assignments. With a convenience like an online degree in culinary arts, you can complete your degree as well as your assignments all at a speed you want and get evaluated by university standards.

Benefits of Bachelors in Culinary Arts

You might be good at cooking and might know a lot about ingredients and dedication for a preparation and presentation but unless you polish your skills, this creativity of yours is raw. A bachelors degree in culinary arts will help you with variety of kitchen activities. You will learn diverse techniques like knife uses and cuts, nutrition application, baking expertise, frying and steaming methods, safety and control methods, hygiene methods, menu preparation and fabrication, food styling, garnishing skills and much more.

In a bachelors degree culinary program, you will learn to apply senses such as taste and smell while cooking and skills of following a recipe guidelines and necessities like interpersonal communication skills and ethics of culinary world. Apart from basics like ingredients measurement and application for a cooking process you will also learn to use the different type of cooking equipments and tools such as blenders, grinders, oven and stove. Along with multi cuisine preparation and food production some universities also provide you a curriculum including lessons on finance, marketing and computers to add as a benefit to your career.

Job Prospects

In today’s world, changing food habits have opened up big opportunities for employment in culinary field. You can be employed as


  •      Chief chef, banquet chef, wine and beverage chef and more

  •      Food stylist and writer

  •      Pantry cook to line cook

  •      Culinary manager or trainer

Career Opportunities

With a professional program in culinary arts, you can anticipate opportunities for growth in your career. Restaurants, hotels, catering, culinary universities and schools, bars, spas, cafes, resorts and hospitality are few of the options for a career in culinary field.

Bachelors in culinary arts gives the specialization required for an art of cooking. In a bachelors program of culinary arts, you get the understanding of skills, concepts, ethics and history of food preparation and presentation, all in detail.

 Lincoln Technical Institute Offering Bachelor in Culinary Arts

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