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Bachelor of Arts in English  

Bachelor of Arts in English is a professional degree you must opt for,if you wish to strengthen your english communication skills, writing techniques and literature analyses. The degree emphasizes on refining your creative skills and literature talent.

Why an online degree in Bachelors of Arts in English?

With an online degree, you can adjust your priorities like office and home. By completing your bachelors in english, by online study materials and lectures, you can manage your schedules and still become a graduate. And if you are already working in fields like journalism or writing, earning an online degree adds to your career development and job promotion.

Benefits of Bachelors of Arts in English

You may be well-spoken and enthusiastic about the field of english but a professional teaching helps you with the skills you need to be an expert in world of english. With the bachelors degree in english you will not just improve your intellectual perception but also strengthen your literature, cultural and communication knowledge. Using a degree, you can closely knit your skills such as reading, thinking, writing, creating and presenting a work of literature or history. You may know how to read and how to write, but a degree teaches you exactly what to read and what to write.

Concentration on literature, language and creative writing is the basic aim of a bachelors of arts in english. The degree is a perfect way of refining your historical, political, psychological and spiritual side. You will also come across your role in society.

If you wish to create and write a masterpiece like fiction or non-fiction and prove yourself in field of writing, a professional degree in english can benefit you to the best. You will not just learn to write without a grammatical error but also will be able to add investigative, emotional, social and ethical touch to your work.

Job Prospects

An expert of english and literature is required in many fields and thus with a bachelors of arts in english you can easily be employed as:

  • Creative or Content Writer
  • Editor
  • Literature Researcher
  • English Teacher
  • Story Teller in Television Programs
  • Receptionist
  • Librarian
  • Scriptwriter
  • Freelancer in Print Media
  • Translator

Career Opportunities

English is one of the vast spoken languages in the world. Thus there are no limits to the number of jobs after completing a degree in english. You can find a career in teaching, publishing, writing, advertising, theatre, library, counseling department, literature department, research department, text writing, law, airlines, business and interpretation. Fields for work in english are vast and well-paid too.

From an author to a researcher or just a teacher, you need professionalism in the language command, knowledge of literature and presentable skills. And for these requirements a degree in bachelors of arts in english acts as a good decision.

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 Ashford University Offering Bachelor of Arts in English

Ashford University

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