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Bachelor of Interior Design  

If you love to reorganize furniture and curtains and every small show piece in the room and tend to imagine every possible way in which a room or a hotel can be rearranged, then a career in interior designing awaits you. Along with your enthusiasm and creativity, you need a degree in interior design to shape up your skills for a future in interior designing.

Why an online degree in Bachelors of Interior Design?

If you are working somewhere or if you are staying somewhere far, a self-scheduled online program will benefit you with option of taking time you require for a degree completion. You will learn everything from theoretical work to practical and historical in an online degree of interior designing, all at the pace you want.

In spite of the benefits and numerous advantages of on online degree, you will still be assessed on university marking criteria, making your program as respectable as a regular program.

Benefits of Interior Design 

A professional course on interior design provides you with a combination of technical, practical and theoretical factors of interior design for a better build of basics in the field. Apart from basics like drawing, sketching and coloring, you will also learn space planning both in commercial and residential sectors, selection of appropriate material, blue print designing, model making, handling of sound, principle of interior lighting, history of interiors and structural designs and object based designing.

Since interior designing program stresses on international system of designing, a professional degree also includes lessons on increasing your research ability, communication, experimentation, visualization and ethical planning and presentation.

Aims of Interior Design

A professional degree program in interior design works or aims towards developing
  • Computer-based application in designing.
  • Design principles about human factors.
  • Consideration of historical background of a project.
  • Concept and analyses of specifications and the facts.
  • Utilization of the area or the room to be designed.
  • Consequential knowledge of social, ecological and even political and emotional effects of the change.
Job Profile

Graduates in interior design can be employed in number of fields as domestic interior designer to commercial designer, corporate designer to exhibition designer, event planner to theatre set designer and much more.

Career Opportunities

An expert in interior designing is in demand among many sectors ranging from private to public, entertainment, residential, corporate, administrative sectors and so on. You can also be employed in hotel, restaurants and office designing. Among the many firms requiring an interior expert, construction firms, building developing firms, engineering firms, event management firms, architectural firms are few ones.

A degree in interior designing is all about gaining the knowledge behind formulation, proposition and execution of creative design according to the needs of changing trend and society. Since, interior designing is science with artistic approach a professional teaching gives you an edge over your untrained side.
 The Art Institutes system of schools Offering Bachelor of Interior Design

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