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Bachelor of Science in Animation  

If you are interested in developing a rewarding career in animation industry, then bachelor of science in animation is the step you need to take. As an animator, you will be designing animated characters, print media, movies, websites, and preparing artwork for various commercials.

If you have drawing skills and are interested in learning more about different computer programs, which are put into use for creating different animations, then bachelor of science in animation is an ideal course for you. It will enhance your proficiencies in the field of flash media, computer applications, storyboarding, and drawing.
Why an online Bachelors of Science in Animation?
A majority of the animators and other multimedia artists are hired by both big and small motion and video picture organizations, while others are hired by the advertising agencies.
You will be working on the computers, where you will be creating different animated images, incorporating special effects in programs those are telecasted on television, movies, and various animated games. Bachelor of science in animation also equips you with an option of doing further specialization in multimedia animation.
Benefits of Bachelor of Science in Animation
You will be learning how to give shape to your thoughts with the help of various advanced computer programs and methods those are put into use to create various animations. You will be learning different features and techniques of the animation that varies from production of different video games to the computer graphics used in the animated movies or serials. There are some particular skills you will be attaining that comprises of the following:
  • Skills related to the storyboarding
  • Skills that concerns the animation
  • Skills required for editing
  • Proficiency required for creating various characters
  • Computer skills
  • Communication proficiency
  • Learning various skills related to drawing
  • Production proficiencies
Job Prospects
There are a wide variety of jobs available in the field of animation as well as openings in the field of movies, television, and other advertising agencies. The industry of animation is booming and you can work full time in the animation movies. An animated movie or an animated TV show offers a valuable opportunity for you to have an experience and show your skills.
Career Opportunities
The field of animation provides you with various openings of employment in fields like - bench animator, technical assistant, animator, technical artist, motion capture animator, storyboard artist, special effects artist, concept artist, modeler, game designer and animation assistant. With the degree of bachelors of science in animation, you can easily find a suitable job for yourself.
 The Art Institute of Pittsburgh Offering Bachelor of Science in Animation

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is an accredited education institute offering quality education to students since 1921. Today, The Art Institute of Pittsburgh has an exclusive online division for students residing in different part of the world. More