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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology  

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is a basic course that makes you understand the fundamentals and theories of IT, networks and computers. This degree gives you a professional edge and gives you detail knowledge of the various areas of the field, to help you enter the big career world of IT.

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is a degree that keeps you in touch with changing technology, business expertise as well as gives you conceptual understanding of areas like programming languages, system analysis, graphical interface design and web applications.
Why an online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
A Bachelor’s degree in Information technology readies you for trainee or fresher level jobs by providing you with basic skills and art of IT. Using online education, you can learn all about information technology while sitting at the comfort of your house. Online Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is specially designed for students who are bounded with fixed life style or traveling issues thus are not in state of attending regular class hours.
Online education institutes makes use of technology based tools and software to create a real like class environment between teachers and students. Apart from basic education, online curriculum also encourages group discussions, open communication, and other activities like practical assignments.
Benefits of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology offers a combination of right knowledge and basic tools to build a strong foundation. Students get to learn about technology basics like programming, website designing, operating systems, networks, database management, and more. This course also offers a career focused specialization in networking and security, Web and Multimedia Design, software development and more.
Objective of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology is to help a students understand the various areas of information technology in detail, as well as capable of applying the concepts and theories in real life. Students are also taught skills like project management, business analysis, decision making, problem solving, communicating ideas and more.
Job Prospects
With the right skills and fundamental knowledge of the field, Bachelor of Science in Information Technology makes you eligible for positions like Software Developer, programmer, coding executive, web designer, security and networking officer, Computer Forensic Analyst, Strategic Sales Analyst, Strategic Sales Analyst, Operating Officer, Network Security Engineer, IT Operations Analyst, Database Administrator, Teacher, Support Staff, business analyst and more.
Career Opportunities

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology opens doors of many popular and small-scale firms for you, like Verizon Wireless, FedEx Corporation, Wipro Technologies, yahoo, Infosys, Google, Microsoft, Intel Corporation, CISCO Systems, and many more. From private sectors, non-profit sectors to public sectors, IT experts are needed everywhere. This degree will empower you with technical skills, high qualification, and specialization to be a part of the blooming IT industry.
 American InterContinental University Online Offering Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

American InterContinental University Online

American InterContinental University Online (AIU Online) is a distance education branch of the reputed American InterContinental University, an academic institution that has been offering a high-class and quality education in diverse fields, since 1970. More

 Other Universities Offering Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

University of Phoenix

With a foundation laid in 1976, University of Phoenix is a leader with a revolutionary effort in building of the higher academic level by promoting the online education program. More

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University Online is a career-oriented online college offering high standard academic services, designed to help students in choosing right career after completion of their graduation. More

Kaplan University

Kaplan University is an institution serving people and society since 1937, with a mission of enhancing skills and mastering its students to face success. More

Westwood College

Westwood College places a strong emphasis on hands-on experience in career-focused course to make sure that students are prepared for a successful and rewarding career. More

Walden University

Walden University is a leader and an institution, which aims at changing lives and society. Focusing on different teaching and learning aspects of 21st century, Walden University and it’s highly qualified staff are dedicated towards its high scholastic values. More

Argosy University

Argosy University online is a blend of online courses with easy and effortless education through variety of graduate, postgraduate, associate and doctorate degrees. More

DeVry University

DeVry University got established in the year 1931 and at that time it was a film and radio repair teaching organization. Today, it is one of the biggest universities in America. More

Rasmussen College

For more than hundred years, Rasmussen College is known for academic brilliance and hundreds of students have successfully been graduated from the college. Rasmussen College was founded by Mr.Walter Rasmussen. More

South University

Founded in year 1899, South University has laid a tradition of excellent education for all its students, with a personalized support and quality-based syllabus. More

Keiser University

Seeing the need of convenient quality education, Keiser University was founded in the year 1977. The students of Keiser University today enjoy an extra edge when facing the challenges in their respective fields. More

Berkeley College

Established in 1931, Berkeley College has grown up from being a co-educational multi campus institution to an online academic institute. More

Sanford-Brown College

Sanford-Brown College is a career-oriented college offering accredited and quality-high degree programs The Sanford-Brown College specializes in Business and Medical programs, which comprises of Accounting, Medical Assistant Training, Coding and Medical Billing. More

Briarcliffe College

Briarcliffe College is committed towards providing students with career-targeted programs, designed to cater to their professional and educational requirements. More

Herzing University

Founded in 1965, Herzing University is one of the leading post-secondary career institutions, providing students with computer proficiency and builds their career. More