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 Bachelors in Security Management

The field of security management deals with the security policies and management level. It covers all the fields and the evaluation process that is involved in management of the security (either of the information or of any service or a person). With security turning into as business bachelors in security management is a course for all those who want to be a part of field of security.

Why to join online degree program in security management?

The online degree in security management helps you to act responsibly while living in a society and performing security functions. You get to learn all the practical and basic theoretical concepts using online lectures and classes in an online security management program.

Benefits of security management

You will develop skills such as
• Keen observation
• Strength to face danger
• Overcome pressure
• Theft investigation
• decoding of confidential codes

Job profile

- With a degree in security management you can join as corporate security officer. You will be dealing with the organization’s security that will be concerned with the property, employees, confidential information of the organization, and taking care of the security concerns during traveling.

- If you are a diplomatic security officer then you will be responsible for the security of the ambassadors of various countries and other officials from any terrorist threat or attack.

- Homeland security product officer creates the technology which is used in the social circle like homes and societies. 

- Intelligence officer is responsible for collecting information from various sources and verifying its originality. According to its authenticity he/she decides the use of that information. 

Career opportunities

With the online degree in security management you can make your career as security managers and you will be responsible for the performing security measures against violent behavior, theft or any kind of threat that is dangerous for the company or its employees. You will be responsible for working and formulating some specific guidelines and rules from the security point of view. You can work in private security firms, agencies or department of police.

Bachelor’s degree in security management

An online bachelor’s degree program in security management gives you a chance to learn more about the different standards of the security fields and the protection of the property. With degree in security management you can work in the fields of private corporations, in the private organization, social and federal fields etc.

Masters degree in security management

Under the online masters degree in security management the main focus is given to the prevention of the crime and offense, security aspects at the social level, and covering the various aspects of the information technology etc. you also learn the detailed and advanced security principles and their applications.

 DeVry University Offering Bachelors in Security Management

DeVry University

DeVry University got established in the year 1931 and at that time it was a film and radio repair teaching organization. Today, it is one of the biggest universities in America.

 Other Universities Offering Bachelors in Security Management

University of Phoenix

With a foundation laid in 1976, university of phoenix has turned itself into the largest accredited and popular university and a name recognized for its services and achievements. Apart from the well known campuses spread all over the United States

Capella University

Founded in 1993, Capella University offers the ideal, widely regarded and advanced education system. Capella University has a dedicated staff and well managed population of students.

Bellevue University

Founded in year 1966, Bellevue University is a dedicated online education institute serving thousands of students across five states through its easy to use cyber teaching and learning program.