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BS in IT Graphics and Multimedia
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Bachelor of Arts in organizational management
 BS in IT Graphics and Multimedia

If you have interest in the field of graphics and multimedia, you need to have skills like graphic designing, computer application and technical knowledge but to acquire these skills you need a degree. Bachelor of Science in information technology –graphics and multimedia is a specialization you will need to polish your skills towards graphics and multimedia.

Why an online degree in graphics and multimedia?

If you are working somewhere else and not ready to leave the job, if you are a student and can’t come to the university offering you the desired course and if you are worried about expenditure of the course, online degree program saves you from all the hassles and brings you the same high standard teaching to your room on internet. Self study time, no class attendance and online study material makes online degree convenient and cheaper. And you get evaluated and marked as per the university standards.

Specialization in graphic and multimedia will enhance your skills to the level of getting good job offers or higher chances of promotion in your current job.

Benefits of IT graphics and multimedia

The IT graphics and multimedia degree serves as program of systematic knowledge of computer programming, software development, web page development, internet technology and the multimedia content like video game designing, animations or special effects and more like logo graphics, digital photography. You will also be introduced to tools like Vector graphics, vector graphics animation and image processing. You will also be trained to perform designing using CAD (computer assisted drawing), layout making, DTP (desktop publishing), digital editing of audio and video and more. Some universities also teach the audio/video engineering, typography and page making.

Along with the technical aspect of a degree you will also learn to manage client requirements, to be focused, to be creative and communicative.

Job profile

Following are few positions you can findin field of information technology in graphic and designing:

-Content editor or writer

-Multimedia artist or animator

-Web designer

-Graphics artist

-Sound/audio technician

-Programmer or Project manager

Career opportunities

A specialization in Bachelor of Science in IT graphics and multimedia is valuable enough to open new avenues for exploration. And with the rise of technologies like, video equipment, digital equipments, LCD, high tech video games and cellular phones demand of a professional graphic and multimedia designer is high. Advertising, marketing, movie making and animation production are among few career related fields in graphic and multimedia.

BS in IT graphic designing is degree that focuses on the developmentof computer orientated skills. An online degree holder in IT graphics and multimedia tends to be in demand among big firms and production houses.

 Kaplan University Offering BS in IT Graphics and Multimedia

Kaplan University

Kaplan University is an institution that is serving people and society since 1937, with a mission of enhancing skills and mastering its students to face success. Part of Kaplan higher education system, Kaplan University is accredited

 Other Universities Offering BS in IT Graphics and Multimedia

University of Phoenix

With a foundation laid in 1976, university of phoenix has turned itself into the largest accredited and popular university and a name recognized for its services and achievements. Apart from the well known campuses spread all over the United States

South university

Founded in year 1899, South University has laid a tradition of excellent education to each student with a personalized support and quality based syllabus.