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Master of Public Administration  

Master of Public Administration degree provides qualitative and quantitative skills that are applied to the dynamic field of public administration today. The program increases a student’s knowledge about institutional, social, legal, and economic contexts within which an administrator works. This degree prepares students practically and theoretically for a career in public and non-profit administrations.

Why online Master of Public Administration?

Online master of public administration degree is helpful for the students who want to specialize into this field. Online course of pubic administration allows professionals to gain advance knowledge and use it in their business or work.

Benefits of Master of Public Administration

Master of Public Administration provides an expert approach towards public administration. The program provides complete knowledge and skills in the context of work such as criminal justice, health, regional planning, etc. This program includes:

  • Performance tools and approaches
  • Leadership development
  • Networks and partnerships
  • Understanding institutional renewal, policy discourse and processes, social and economic trends.

The students are trained to understand their responsibilities and accept the challenge of managing in the public sector.

Job Profile

Public administrators are required to make choices and implement programs and policies within difficult financial, legal, political and organizational limits. They have to work with various kinds of people within and outside the public sector. The tasks of the public administrator include fiscal control, organization management, quantitative analysis, decision analysis, and understanding the working of government institutions and legal procedures.

Career Opportunities

Students graduating in master of public administration degree can start a fresh career or enhance their existing careers in government organizations(at the local and federal levels) and in non-profit organizations in the healthcare, education, and arts and media sectors and in the private sectors.

Students graduating in Master of Public Administration can hold various positions in different government sectors, such as:

  • Local Government - In local government, students can be placed as financial officer, planner, budget analyst, program coordinator, public information officer and more.
  • State Government - In state government, students can be placed as policy/research analyst, legislative analyst, quality assurance specialist.
  • Non-profit Sector - In this sector, student can get placements as program specialist, marketing and communications officer and more.
  • Academic - Students can get positions as research associate, professor, affirmative action officer, etc
  • Private Sector - Students can be placed as community relations officer, contract consultants and public relations specialist.

For program disclosure information with regard to University of Phoenix, click here

 Walden University Offering Master of Public Administration

Walden University

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