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Master of Public Health  

Master of Public Health is post graduate online degree for students aspiring to play bigger roles in international health sector, state, federal and private sector. It is a comprehensive academic degree offering an in-depth knowledge of Health Care System, including understanding of Public Health Management and analytical skills.

Why online degree in Master of Public Health?

Online master`s degree in Public Health is an ideal solution for healthcare professionals like doctors and therapists looking forward to grow into public health sector. Healthcare administrators can make use of easy online classes to study more about basic concepts of public health service, to get higher qualification and edibility to apply for bigger jobs.

Online degrees are commenced via online classes through emails, chat sessions and discussion boards. Healthcare professionals working at entry level posts can always study at their free time, enhance their fundamental skills and get higher qualification required to approach high-level job positions.

Benefits of Master of Public Health

When studying Masters of Public Health, you will cover areas like qualitative research, disease prevention and health promotion, public health practice, epidemiology, biostatistics as well as chronic disease prevention and control.

Masters of Public Health will teach you skills to design interpret and evaluate epidemiological and biomedical research, you will learn to display understanding of principles of modern biostatical methods, as well as learn about report writing, communication and health information analysis.

Job prospects

With graduation in Public Health, you become eligible to apply for higher posts in Health and related fields. As a Master`s in Public Health you get to work as Health Project Manager, Clinical Research Manager, Public Health Officer, Health Information Manager, Health Education Officer or Health Promotion Officer.

Career opportunities

Master of Public Health prepares you for a rewarding career in various Health sectors like Clinics, Hospitals, Health Administration offices as well as related areas like Education, Community Development and Urban Planning.

You can work in areas like County and State Health Departments, Universities, Health Care Facilities, Social Service Agencies, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, International Health Organizations, Corporate Firms, Community Based Health Services and Education and much more.

 Independence University Offering Master of Public Health

Independence University

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