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MBA in Project Management  

It is a tough competition out there and if you would like to sharpen your management and administration skills, a MBA degree program in project management is the most appropriate choice. A project manager has the responsibility of making suitable plans and executing them according to the projects.

Why an online MBA in Project Management?

With no more hassles such as schedule arrangements and class attendance, you can learn everything about MBA in project management and apply it in your profile. By sitting at any corner of the world, you can earn a degree by just clicking on your computer. Online tests, quizzes, lectures and sessions aims at helping you in managing your degree and job side by side.

Benefits of MBA Project Management

A degree of MBA in project management will be beneficial for those professionals who are simultaneously interested in enhancing their professional career also. Project management is a basic necessity at various business set-ups whether it is a field of marketing or some auto company. The function of a project manager is of great responsibility and his/her services are not limited to some particular field. If you have successfully made up your mind to build up a career in the project management then be sure that you have taken a right decision. Through this degree at the same time, you also get to learn different qualities like knowing the pros and cons of the business, making suitable alterations according to the requirement and situation, and performing the function of a leader and coordinating with your fellow partners.

The important skills that you will acquire:

  • Ability to handle complicated or awkward situations while communicating with your business delegates and even with your colleagues.
  • Principles and ethical methodologies to handle and bring success out of a project.
  • Exceptional convincing and communicating power.
  • Decision making and problem solving attitude.
  • It will greatly help in cultivating strong communication at the workplace with your fellow workers and those who are seniors to you.
  • Productive and positive approach.

Majority of the professionals choose the career in project management to get stay ahead in their professional career. Generally in every university, under the MBA program in project management there are various courses like administrative proficiency, tactical interpersonal skills, and management qualities. In the initial period of the MBA program, the basic abilities and practices are discussed. And afterwards the more stress is given to project management.

If you are pursuing MBA program in project management then you can develop your interpersonal skills and other proficiencies required for the job. These skills will play a major role in performing your managerial functions in an organization or company.

Job Opportunities

You can be employed as project manager, administrator, project director, assistant project manager, supervisor or a trainee.

Career Opportunities

The basic and the most desired requirement of a company or an organization is that you should possess expertise in your field which you can solely gain by pursuing a degree of MBA in project management. You can work in business firms, private and non-private sectors or can teach project management in colleges.

 Kaplan University Offering MBA in Project Management

Kaplan University

Kaplan University is an institution serving people and society since 1937, with a mission of enhancing skills and mastering its students to face success. More

 Other Universities Offering MBA in Project Management

Baker College Online

Established by Mr. Baker in 1911, Baker College online is a division of Baker College System. Throughout Michigan, Baker College Online has a total of fourteen campus locations and it is one of the biggest private college systems. More

Walden University

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DeVry University

DeVry University got established in the year 1931 and at that time it was a film and radio repair teaching organization. Today, it is one of the biggest universities in America. More

Jones International University

Jones International University was set up with an aim of offering a career focused and convenient education platform to students of different cultures, castes and geographical backgrounds. More

American InterContinental University Online

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Colorado Technical University

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Strayer University

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DeVry University Keller Graduate School of Management

A part of DeVry University, Keller Graduate School of Management has been offering academic services in management since 1973. More