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MBA in Technology Management  

The field of technology is very vast and management has become an important part of it. Technology in itself is not confined to only computer literacy but comprises of various elements. Thus, if you are technology lover and would like to opt for a career in technology management then MBA in technology management is a good option for you.

Why online MBA in Technology Management?

Nowadays, majority of students and professionals are pursuing online MBA in technology management. These online programs are planned in such a manner that it provides student/professional with an opportunity to learn without disturbing the daily schedule.

You can choose a time period which suits you the best for your MBA degree program and get to know various technical procedures and their management. You also gain knowledge about the technical aspects of business. You benefit through group discussions, personal interactions and various projects that are assigned to you. These are some of the ways, that make you build up your tactical and professional frame of mind, which can prove helpful and can be suitably put into use.

Benefits of pursuing MBA in Technology Management

The degree of MBA in technology management is itself is an extensive topic and offers information and guidance, about the technology management program. Apart from getting a degree, you also get to learn and grasp the proficiency and the capability to be successful contender in your respective field.

From basic understanding of technical aspects of different business sections and its applications, you will learn all about management and computers as well as software and their relationship with each other. In a professional program the main emphasis is given to the communication, skills, techniques and business principles, required to stay ahead in this advanced and dynamic field.

Job Opportunities

After successfully completing your MBA in technology management, you can be employed as:

  • Software Manager
  • Computer Section Supervisor
  • Management Head
  • Representative of technology related firms
  • Technical Executive
  • Trainee Manager

Career Opportunities

With MBA in technology management, you can find a career in major IT companies and software industries.


For program disclosure information with regard to University of Phoenix, click here.

 Walden University Offering MBA in Technology Management

Walden University

Walden University is a leader and an institution, which aims at changing lives and society. Focusing on different teaching and learning aspects of 21st century, Walden University and it’s highly qualified staff are dedicated towards its high scholastic values. More

 Other Universities Offering MBA in Technology Management

University of Phoenix

With a foundation laid in 1976, University of Phoenix is a leader with a revolutionary effort in building of the higher academic level by promoting the online education program. More

Colorado Technical University

Colorado Technical University (CTU) Online is a career-oriented online college offering high standard academic services, designed to help students in choosing right career after completion of their graduation. More

Advanced Technology Institute

Located in Virginia, Advanced Technology Institute is known for offering dynamic technical education in Heavy Vehicle Technology, Automotive, Air Conditioning and Heating. More