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Associate in Business Administration-Visual Communication
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
Master of Accounting and Financial Management
Associate Degree in Accounting Technology
Bachelor of Science in Culinary Management
Bachelors in Game and Simulation Programming
Bachelor of Interior Design
Bachelor of Arts in English
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management (foreign language)
Bachelor of Arts in Organizational Management

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California University of Pennsylvania  

Accredited by the Commission of Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, California University of Pennsylvania is dedicated to helping students to develop personally and professionally. The university makes use of its online education system to offer career boosting educational opportunities to students working or taking care of their personal responsibilities. 

The college focuses on building relationship and communication between fellow students as well as between students and the instructors. The small size classes used by California University of Pennsylvania are aimed at 100% communication and personal attention from instructor to the students. The small ratio of teacher and student also helps students in getting acquainted with the online form of education.

The group discussion, online chats, online tests and online class sessions lets a student to continue with his/her day to day routine without making any adjustment with the lifestyle, career and relationship liabilities. Asynchronous mode of teaching simplifies the online coursework, examination and interaction.

The faculty and teachers of California University is a team of highly skilled professionals who work on encouraging communication and creativity among its students. The supportive environment offered by the university makes education via emails and online chat sessions an easy experience.

The university is a popular choice of many students with its nearly 100 undergraduate and 50 postgraduate programs. California University courses in various eminent fields like biology, industrial organizational psychology, earth and space science, mentally and/or physically handicapped and elementary education, public relations, social work, french, journalism, fisheries and wildlife, marketing, pre-veterinary medicine, pre-chiropractic medicine, pre-veterinary medicine, chemistry, sociology, social work, art, geography and more. The online courses and programs offered by California University are no less than a regular college program, in areas like value and acknowledgment.

The different graduate programs offered by California University include areas like criminal justice, technology education, geography and regional planning, school psychology, education, athletic training, sport management and school psychology.  

The reason behind the success of its online education is the flexibility and easiness offered to students who wish to enhance their qualification without disrupting their current routine, whether its work schedule or personal requirements. The online class experience is no less than a regular session.

California University makes use of best of tools and modern resources to provide its students with valuable and standardized education, just like any regular on-campus institute. Students not only get convenient and customized education, but also get to finish their course at the speed they want.

University Degrees

Master of Education in Leadership of Learning
Master of Education in Early Childhood Education

Science and Medical
Bachelor of Science in Nursing

Masters in Criminal Justice
Master of Science in Legal Studies

MA in Forensic Psychology - Homeland Security Concentration

MBA in Entrepreneurship

Master of Business Administration